This movement is great for bringing up the lower part of the tricep. The best benchers all seem to be very thick around the lower upper arm region. This is where this movement comes into play. To do this you begin with a set of dumbbells sitting on your chest with one end facing up. The butt or back ends of the dumbbells should be touching each other. When you begin the lift you are doing a cross between an extension and press. Make sure to keep the butts of the bells together throughout the entire lift.


Category: Supplemental and accessory

Muscles Targeted: Triceps

Exercise Description: If you ever get a chance to see a great bencher, take note of all that triceps mass right above the elbow. This is where big benches come from, not the upper part of the triceps. The elbows-out extension is designed to bring this area up to par.

To perform the movement, press the dumbbells to the starting position above your chest. You want to keep the butts of the bells together as you lower them to your chest, keeping the elbows out. Pause on your chest for a second, then press and extend the dumbbells back to the starting position while making sure to keep the butts together.