Elitefts.com Director of Education Mark Watts along with Mountain Dog Diet intern Derek Dolgner discuss and demonstrate two levels of single leg squat progressions to address any level of athletes' needs.

Single Leg training is vitally important for athletic development, addressing unilateral imbalances, and reducing the occurrence of soft tissue injuries.

General Safety Guidelines

  1. upright posture with scapula retracted
  2. knee aligned and behind the toes as much as possible

Level 1 Exercises:
Assisted Pistol Squat

  • Grab on to straps, ropes, or bands and keep hands in armpits at start
  • Counter balance with opposite leg in front


  • Align Bottom toe with top heel
  • Dorsi-flex bottom toe to isolate top leg
  • Push the heel back and extend eccentric contraction to 3-5 seconds

Reverse Lunge

  • Step back as far as possible keeping vertical torso
  • Drive through the front heel to stand up

Level 2 Exercises:
Single Leg Box Squat

  • Use weights to counter-balance
  • Sit completely on the box
  • Drive the heel through the ground and the head to the ceiling

Skater Squat

  • Use weights to counter-balance
  • Push your back leg of the back of the box
  • Drive through your heel and stand up

Pistol Squat

  • Use weights to counter balance with opposite leg in front
  • Try and keep a vertical torso
  • Stand on a box for an easier progression

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