Elitefts™ Pull-Up Progressions & Regressions

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Increasing Difficulty through Tempo and Rest-Pause

Elitefts™Associate editor Jordan Houser demonstrates four variations of tempo/ segmented pull-ups while Education Director Mark Watts explains.  These variations can be easily implemented in a team setting and allows athletes to modify basic body weight movements.  These variations add a level of difficulty by:

  1. Increasing the total time under tension of the movement
  2. Shifting from a concentric to isometric or eccentric to isometric movement
  3. Increasing the isometric or eccentric contraction via tempo

4 Variations in this Video

  1. Tempo Pull-Ups (wide overhand grip)
  2. Segmented Pull-Up (neutral grip)
  3. 1 & 1/2 Rep (half + full)
  4. 1 & 1/2 Rep (full + half)

2 Ways to make these variations more difficult

  1. Extend the amount of time at each pause
  2. Extend the amount of time executing the eccentric contraction


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Using Bands to Assist the Pull-Up

Director or Education Mark Watts explains two variations of using bands to assist in performing pull-ups while Savannah Steamer demonstrates.  The first variation is relatively common.  The second require more calculations based on the lifter's height and arm length.

Band Looped around Knee
This is the most common variation and will be a standard resistance for most athletes.  The resistance will change based on a combination of the athlete's arm, torso, and femur length.  Taller, long-limbed athletes will be assisted through the movements more than shorter athletes.

Band attached across J-Hooks
This variation is less common and requires the coach to calculate the initial distance from the finished pull-up position to the feet.  The force curve will be slightly different with these two variations.

One advantage of setting the bands across the J-Hooks is the ability for the coach to adjust the resistance based on the athlete's individual sticking points.  By moving the J-Hooks up or down, coaches can adjust the assistance given without changing the bands.  These adjustments can be implemented as progressions within a training program before switching to a smaller band.

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