Elitefts™ SS Yoke Bar Exercise Variations

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Elitefts™ Director of education Mark Watts reviews some alternative exercises using the SS Yoke Bar while Associate Editor Jordan Houser Demonstrates.

Here are just a few alternative exercises that can be performed with the elitefts™ SS Yoke Bar besides the squat and its variations.

There are two reasons why most coaches or lifters justify purchasing a piece of equipment.

  1. The main exercise you can perform with it is such an integral part of your training program, that you can't afford not to have it.
  2. The number of exercises you can perform with that one piece of equipment enhances your overall program because of the variety of uses.

If a piece of equipment does not meet those two criteria, then it is a want instead of a need when it comes to your facility set-up.

We feel the SS Yoke Bar meets both criteria.

Elitefts™ SS Yoke Bar Variations in this Video
:01 Intro and Rationale
:23 Suspended
:38 Split Squat
1:00 Single Leg Good Morning
1:31 Overhead Press
2:10 Zercher Squat
2:43 Front Squat
3:30 Hybrid Deadlifts


  1. I am not saying these variations are the only or even the absolute best variations for every coach or lifter's needs.
  2. A variation with the SS Yoke Bar is superior than using a standard Olympic bar.


Improved Technique
It forces the lifter to keep their upper back tight during the lift. the bar almost serves as a physical cue to help lifters who may fall forward in the squat.

The lifter can self spot by grabbing the rack or pushing off the knees if need be.

Return to Play (Rehab)
Much less strain on the shoulders, elbows, and wrists when using this bar. Athletes with upper extremity injuries can utilize this bar due to the limited range of motion.

Much more convenient to use suspended exercises with straps or chains because your hands are out of the way.
Handles unscrew to enable more variations, specifically with front-loaded movements.

Exercises with this bar can be implemented in any training program. For a non-linear periodization model such as a conjugated or WSBB system, the SS Yoke bar can be inserted into a max effort rotation.  It can also be used for Dynamic Effort work, during a specific block of training or a cycle of 5/3/1 or Tier System type programs.

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