Fat Bar - Reverse Band Press

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This movement is performed by attaching a band around the top of your power rack. The Racks we make here at Elite have optional Band Pegs for this purpose (as seen in the picture). Attach the other end to the barbell. You will notice the bar is being de-loaded at the bottom because of the band. This is the effect we are looking for. Now all you do is bench press with the aid of the band. Use good bench form as detailed else where in this index.

This movement can be trained several different ways:

For Max Effort Training you will work up to a max single or triple using jumps close to 7- 10% of your best one RM as you warm up.

For Dynamic (Speed) Training you will use 60 to 70% of your best bench press max and perform 8 sets of 3 reps. I have found it best to use three different grips for these sets. You can break it down how you like but I have seen great results with 2 sets wide, 3 close and 3 medium.

For Supplemental Work you will train with basic sets and reps as you see fit. One suggestion is for recovery work. This would be to use 95-135 pounds (this will almost zero the bar out at the bottom) and do as many reps as you can with the goal being a total of 100. It may take one set or five sets. Rest 60-90 seconds between sets.

I have also found this set up (Fat Bar and Reverse Band) to be very helpful in training around and healing shoulder and pec injuries. The de-load and bar takes much of the stress away giving the body the time it needs to heal.

The picture below shows how to choke a band at the top of a power rack.

Fat Bar

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