J-Hook Band Pulls

TAGS: delts, shoulders, power rack, bands

Looking for a great conditioning movement for your shoulders?

If so you have to try this one.

This is very simple to do. First take a mini band and double it up ( or tie a few knots in the middle as shown in the picture). The tension you create is up to you and will be based on your own shoulder strength. I would suggest starting with a few knots in the band and work up from there to a double mini band.

Now set the J-cups in the bottom holes of the rack. Place the bands around your wrists and grab the j-cups. From this position work the j-cups up on hole at a time (one arm at a time) until you get to the top holes of the rack. This will keep your shoulders and upper back under tension the whole set but will also force you to think and concentrate with your muscles firing like crazy.

You will see in the picture you can do this from a forward and backward position. Try them both and see what you think.

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