No Atlas Stones? No problem!

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Most would agree that the limiting factor in training for strongman is the equipment.  Let's be honest... there is no substitute for a log press, a husafell stone, or an atlas stone...

Wait. Hold that thought.

Atlas stones: They're big. They're heavy. They are hard to transport unless you're a strongman. They aren't cheap and most are homemade, so your results, experiences, and success may vary. If only there was something that provided the same experience and variability for a fraction of the cost and effort.

Elitefts Coach Clint Darden demonstrates that atlas stone training DOES have a substitute with the Elite Stone Trainer. How do you use this tool? Simple: load it up with bumper plates, slap the included Lock-Jaw collar on the end, and take your posterior chain to new heights of strength development.

Training May 24 2015 from Clint Darden on Vimeo.

Weights are changed as quick as you can change a bumper plate, and the limits of the Elite Stone Trainer are endless.

Exercises that could also be performed:

  • Stone Front Squatting
  • One Arm Levering
  • Two Arm Levering
  • Thick Bar Supinations / Pronations
  • One Hand Pinch Training
  • Two Hand Pinch Training
  • Hub Training
  • Plate Pressing
  • Thick Bar Tricep Extensions
  • Pinch Tricep Extensions
  • Plate Front Raises
  • Pinch Curls
  • Clubbell Casts
  • Vertical Bar Lifting
  • Vertical Thick Bar Curls

EliteFTS can accommodate all of your strongman needs!

Read Clint Darden's training log here!

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