Matt Ladewski owner of Region Barbell Club demonstrates how to perform good mornings on the Elitefts™ Rackable Cambered Squat Bar with chains.


Position barbell on the upper back and grasp bar to sides.


  • The hips extend backward with the glutes flaring and starting the movement.
  • As the body hinges backward, the torso will lean forward. The entire spine is in a reinforced neutral position with a moderate arch in the lumbar. The core should be on “lock-down.” The chest is expanded with “big air belly” breathing in effect.
  • As the hips reach their maximal point of extension, the glutes and hamstrings should be maximally recruited. Notice the upper back posture is still maintained and there is no collapse or loss of tension anywhere in the body.
  • The gluteal muscles contract to bring the hips forward and return the body to a standing position. Again, there is no degradation of tension at any time.

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