I love this pic!

Reverse Power Squat

Category: Supplemental

Muscles Targeted: Quads

I am posting this more for the picture than anything else. Since this is a machine it is pretty easy to figure out. Get in the machine with your back to the pad. Take your time and find a foot position that takes the stress off your knees and places it on your quads. As you squat up try and force your weight back into the pad instead of up. This will place more stress on your quads and make the movement more effective. This will also keep any stress off the lower back.

Sets and Reps are fair game on this one. You can go hard and heavy or easy and light. Load it up and tear it up!

Power Squat

The Power Squat is a revolutionary piece of equipment that allows for a variety of different foot placements, band settings and exercise selection. This has been a staple of university and professional weightrooms for a couple of years. At EFS, we used our unique touch and made a good product even better.

Check it out!