Elitefts Director of Education Mark Watts took a visit to the campus of Capital University in Columbus, Ohio to speak with Director of Cross Country and Track and Field Kunle Lawson along with Division Manager of PowerMax Karl Geissler. Both Men have extensive Track & Field Experience and collaborated on the instruction and implementation of three distinct indoor throwing drills for athletes in developing rotational power and improve specific technique in the throwing events.

Preparatory Exercises for Throwing the Shot-Put

Progressions for this Drill

  1. Double-Hand Backward Overhead Throw
  2. Double Hand Forward Throw
  3. Square Stance Standing Shot-Put Throw
  4. Staggered Stance Standing Shot-Put Throw
  5. Standing Shot-Put Throw


Spin Drill

Kunle Lawson demonstrates a spin drill using the PowerMax Grip Ball while Karl Geissler narrates the drill. This drill is not only great for discus and hammer throwers but for any rotational athlete.

Benefits of this Drill

  • Reinforces athletes keeping weight of the axis of rotation
  • Incorporates balance throughout the rotation at slower speeds
  • Introduces transverse movement with resistance and full extension
  • Prefaces the eventual transfer of power at the conclusion of the spin.

Progressions for this Drill

  1. Quarter Pirouettes x4
  2. Half Pirouettes x4
  3. Three-Quarter Pirouettes x4
  4. Full Pirouettes x4


Indoor Rotational Throw

Kunle Lawson demonstrates 1-Arm Rotational Throws using the PowerMax Grip Ball while Karl Geissler narrates. Coach Lawson utilizes a progression to develop rotational power for throwers and athletes alike.

Coaching Cues

  • Shoulder Over the Hips
  • Straight, Erect Arms
  • Moving the Body across the Straight line toward target area

Progressions for this Drill

  1. Standing Throws
  2. Wheel Throw
  3. South African Throw
  4. Full Throw

Shot Implements

PowerMax Grip Ball