During this holiday season, I want to take a moment to extend our warmest season wishes to all of you. Our company’s 16th anniversary has been marked by an extraordinary expansion of our reach and influence and we are forever grateful for everyone associated with the elitefts—both past and present. We want to thank all of you for making 2014 the most successful year in our history.

In January, we began executing several initiatives aimed at improving all of the company’s processes. These initiatives include better customer service, better availability, fresh new products, a higher standard of educational content, a new level of research and development, several strategic partnerships, and more competitive pricing. We’ve listened to our customers, suppliers, supporters, and teams and have delivered on all fronts.

Highlights of this year include the expansion of entry point items such as Strong(her) and other apparel lines, higher quality bands, new accessories, and the recent launches of the Crock Lock collars and Shoulder-Saver Pad. We have improved many of our standard items, such as the multi-press Swiss bar and Yoke bar—both universally recognized as the best in the industry.

On the other end, elitefts has earned a reputation for providing the highest-quality strength and conditioning equipment available. This is due in part to creating outstanding partnerships with the best suppliers and manufacturers in the industry. The Erect-A-Rack, for example, has taken sports performance centers to the next level. Our Signature Line introduced the next generation of Power Racks, Glute Ham Raises, Bench Presses and 0-90° Benches. This past November, we equipped both the platform and the warm-up areas at the WPC Worlds with our Custom Powerlifting Equipment line—literally resetting the standard for how a powerlifting meet should be equipped.

Elitefts equipment not only increased the standard in the equipment and powerlifting industry, but also in facilities across the world. If you walk into a gym and see elitefts equipment, you know you have entered the best gym in the area. A gym that knows the importance of quality and education. A gym where you will become better.

From our education side, we have also increased the standards of content and journalistic integrity, recently being named The Best Strength & Conditioning website online. We've introduced the Sports Performance Podcast and a greater diversity of video and multimedia content. We now have a database of over 4,000 articles, 400,000 Q&As, 800 entries in our exercise index, and close to 50 elite and professional training logs. We are driven to become STRONG(ER) everyday.

We have established the finest line-up of athletes in the company’s history who not only capture titles, championships and world records, but also pass on their knowledge to a new generation of lifters. Our columnists come from diverse areas of expertise, and write among the most insightful and practical articles available. We have compiled not only the best coaches in the world, but the experts that can who walk the walk with a solid education to back it up.

In 2015, you can expect the release of the best-performing Powerlifting Gear in the history of the sport; the best straps and wraps ever developed; a variety of exceptionally-designed apparel lines; a sled that takes the Prowler 2 beyond the industry standard that it already is; and the release of some of the most innovative and best designed lines of strength equipment ever created. At the same time we will roll out new additions to our line-up of coaches, athletes and columnists to further strengthen our rounded team. Finally, we will provide users with a retail experience that is unlike anything else you have ever come across.

Lastly, let me thank everyone who follows us on elitefts and our social media channels. There are no words to describe how much we appreciate your support and enthusiasm for the elitefts brand.

I would like to wish you all a happy, safe, strong and relaxing holiday season with your families and look forward to a great new year of living, learning and passing on.

Happy Holidays to you all!


Dave Tate
CEO Elitefts.com Inc.