What do you like best about your private, garage, warehouse or home gym?

1.) “My garage is three seconds from my back door and I could lift while the kids slept without needing a baby sitter.” – Matt Ladewski

2.) “I don’t have to leave my gym to throw up. I can just puke anywhere and paint the walls with my regurgitated protein shake.” – Rob Logan

3.) “I can’t wait to buy a house just to build one.” – Richard Doughty

4.) “I work 12 hours a night and it makes it so convenient to workout.” – Ron Molden

5.) “Two words: viking metal. I can be as loud as I want.” – Bill Fantegrossi

6.) “If things dont go as planned - there is no one there who can see you ‘venting’.” – Hans Mcdonald

7.) “Grunting is mandatory.” – Ron Molden

8.) “It’s my equipment. There are no lines. I train when it’s convenient for me. I don’t have to put my face in someone’s butt sweat. There are no soccer moms.” – Sean Christian Hartzell

9.) “The intensity and the commitment of the people that train at these places.” – Jeff Moyer

10.) “Chalk, music and lack of boneheads.” – Shawn Tooley

11.) “With two young kids I can train whenever I have time and all of my gear is right where I need it. I don't have to spend any time packing or traveling.” – Andrew Abbott

12.) “Good training partners, really loud music, chalk, a monolift and no bullshit.” - Dan Petkovsek

13.) “Chalk, the atmosphere, my music and my equipment. Mixing tires, stones and sleds into my everyday workout is the bomb! I never have to work in with someone or wait for them to be done.” – Nick Courtad

14.) “Chalk, being barefoot, taking videos and I don't have to worry about accidentally exposing myself in a squat or bench.” – Lindsay Murphy Smith

15.) “My music. My rules. And nobody is allowed in that I don't approve of.” – Chad Clark

16.) “It's mine. No lines or waiting. It’s always open and the owner buys all the equipment I want.” – Thomas Deebel

17.) “I have a rack, weights and no fucking excuses.” – Mike Hamburger Train Hedlesky

18.) “Chalk, deadlift platforms, and no idiots in my way doing tricep kickbacks. I can blast music as loud as MY crew wants it. F commercial gyms!” – Shane Rickman

19.) “Loud grunting and screaming. This is from both the music and the athletes. No shirt. No shoes. No problem. Strongman implements. Nobody bothers me between sets.” – Matt Epley

20.) “It’s always open - always.” – Timothy Kadar

21.) “My garage is open 24/7/365. I don't have to re-rack the weights if I just busted a PR and I'm too shot. It actually has a rack and no one looks at me funny when I work hard.” – Matt Lisk

22.) “I get to compare stretch marks with Matt Rhodes.” – Jimmy Murphy

23.) “It’s easier to get in the deep dark corners of my mind to psyche up and there are no distractions. Hardcore is a requirement. Blood can be cleaned up when I'm done training - if I feel like it.” – Daniel Garcia

24.) “It's crappy but it's MINE.” – Lucy Unger

25.) “I'm accountable only to myself.” – Drew Laurens

26.) “My wife pretty much said it with her now semi-famous quotes ‘this isn't a gym for pussies’ and ‘we have no mirrors and each of us has our own puke bucket for a reason’." – Jack Kottwitz

27.) “It's got everything I need. Nothing I don't.” – Doug Gibson

28.) “I'm not bothered and I know where everything is!” – Matt Carlson

29.) “My way or the highway and my power rack.” – John Frederik Smedemark

30.) “The fact I don't have to worry about getting what I need to done. The only person who can spoil it is me.” – Joseph Romano

31.) “I'm the only one there. Me. My own equipment. My loud ass crazy music with a lot of cuss words. No one talking to me. Chalk. Powder. My American bulldogs are running loose and I can scream, throw shit and act like a complete crazy person. You know - be normal. It took a lot of time and money, but it's all mine and I love it.” – Darryl Mayo

32.) “It saves me time and money.” – David M. Bates

33.) “No dipshits allowed.” – Jerome Adams

34.) “No sun visors, clipboards and tanning beds.” – Jim D. Walker

35.) “It’s the one thing in this world that I have my hand in and is mine only - 100%. From it's creation, up until this very moment, it has been mine. It’s not much, but my home gym is something I made from the passion for strength and iron that the good Lord gave me. It’s one of the few things that can never be ‘taken’ from me.” – Michael Hart

36.) “It's like a temple for me - where I go to pray to the iron gods.” – John Ammerman

37.) “My garage gym, has the memories of all the great friends that have trained and come to pass. Their dedication to improving themselves for whatever reason inspires me to train more, learn more and continue to give more.” – Dean Alexander

38.) “I don't have to drive in the snow and I can play whatever music I want as loud as I want.” – Joe Lescano Handabaka

39.) “In no particular order: my metal music, not having to wait for equipment and no men in spandex.” – Rustom Dalal

40.) “Clothing is optional? Sorry, I had to say it.!” – Ginny Phillips

41.) “I love how perfect it is. It still exists only in my dreams, but trust me, it’s f***in’ perfect.” – Derrick Balicki

42.) “Being able to do glute ham raises in my mother's living room. Now that’s love.” – Sam Luker

43.) “I can train anytime I want. I can get in and get it done - no bullshitting around. I’m not getting strange looks whenever I do an unorthodox exercise that some tool has never seen before in his fitness magazines.” – Mike Ruggiera

44.) “The people who I train with there.” – Mike Heeney

45.) “I can yell really loud.” – Rafael Viego

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