IFBB Pro Bodybuilder.

Physical Therapist.

Dani LaMartina is a groundbreaking clinician who focuses on utilizing her education, skills, and experiences to help her clients, patients, and athletes feel better and recover from injury, all while boosting performance levels.

Dani's principle-based approach to treating and training her patients and clients has led her to better understand the tools at her disposal without being confined into a specific approach or camp that would limit her ability to help the person in front of her.

Throughout the interview, you'll see Dani's love and commitment to her craft—what got her into lifting, her key motivations, and recognition of the people who have inspired, educated, and gave her the groundwork and desire to follow her passions. Dani embodies the ideals of "Live, Learn, Pass On" that we at elitefts commit to every day. She is helping the clients, readers, and viewers of today and laying the groundwork for the future athletes, clients, and clinicians of tomorrow.

Dani is a Doctor of Physical therapy, CSCS, nationally qualified women’s physique competitor, and elite level powerlifter in the 123 class. She's the first to admit she pushes the envelope with training, which uniquely allows her to blend principles of rehab with a love for all things iron. Creativity, relationships, and trust drive her to empower coaches and athletes with tools and education from a PT who understands training demands. She can be reached for remote PT services, consults, and training at Dani@MergePerformancePT.com.