Our readers generally don't need an article specifically about motivation. When I think about motivation, I laugh.  Motivation?  I'm chock full of it.  My family thinks I'm a little crazy.  I just tell them I'm ate up.

My family's reaction to my final deadlift attempt from my last powerlifting meet was, "be careful." Yet those people who are worried the most are often the ones most intrigued.  Sure enough, my grandmother has recently come to me asking for help. She's 83 years old, walks two miles every day and she wants my help with getting stronger and losing 5 pounds...

That is why I compiled this article — because people like you, me, or my grandmother don't NEED motivation. The blunt reality is that everyone is born with the ability to be great. Chad Aichs will tell you that inner drive is like a muscle; it's something you build. In the same way that you don't just wake up with bulging muscles, no amount of motivational anything will suddenly activate the greatness gene. I'm willing to bet that 100% of our readers came to where they are now, not through simple motivation but through being DRIVEN in the pursuit of their goals.

When people such as my grandmother come to me asking for help, it's clear that they don't need to be motivated. Rather, they need a little direction. That direction turns into drive. When certain individuals are DRIVEN, others take notice. It is up to us to turn our drive into direction for others.  After all, that is our mission here at elitefts: Live. Learn. Pass On.

Along with the articles, I have compiled videos as well. Articles have always stuck with me when there was some imagery associated with them, so I've included videos that closely relate to the articles you will read. That being said, this article was compiled not for you to just absorb, but to remind you of your obligation to the people that you will go on to help, educate, and empower.


Training The Inner Drive by Chad Aichs

Chad has a fantastic way with words. He is direct, honest, and he can accurately communicate motivational needs. He believes that you must build inner drive, and his usage of imagery and mental anchors is powerful. Chad is one of the best lifters in the world with a 2733-pound total. He has an unparalleled inner drive.

A Lion in Iron: Motivation Only Takes You So Far by Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes

Alexander outlines what motivation really is in this article. He doesn't dance around the subject with froo-froo cheerleader pom-poms — he gives it to you straight. Alexander will tell you the dictionary definition of "motivation" is dead wrong. Motivation is not an inherent reason for doing something. Motivation is a want, and a want is not a reason.

How to Direct Goals to Achieve Success by Kevin Cecio

Kevin outlines what success is, what it means, and outlines your path to achieving it. Kevin makes it relatable to anything in life, whether your goal is to be the best salesman or to deadlift 1000 pounds. Success comes in many forms, and this article doesn't neglect the aspects of life that happen outside of the weight room.

Critics Can Go Piss Off by Dave Tate

Dave knows what it's like to be criticized. Dave knows what it is like to be discouraged. This article sheds some critical insight into the mind of a champion when critics and hard times lurk behind every corner. Are you a critic? Is your intention to help or to destroy?

The Hypocrisy of Intent Without Action by Alexander Juan Antonio Cortes

Identify your priorities. Are they your intent or are you turning them into action? Are you too busy? Alexander examines the cold hard truth behind living and acting on your priorities.

Back from the Dead: Starting Over with Jim Wendler by Caleb Sexton

Caleb's story is powerful. This article delves deep into Caleb's descent into alcoholism, his accident, and his resurrection. Caleb is the definition of Strong(er). After this article, you won't have any more excuses.

Finally,  elitefts Coach Clint Darden's motivational speech from the Powerlifting Experience II is too good not to share in association with this article. Clint's words about packing your own lunch are so true, and thankfully Caleb lived to tell us the meaning of true strength. This is for those people who live by motivational speeches. I had the amazing opportunity to listen to this in person. There was not a dry eye in the room.

So when your grandmother, uncle, child, or anyone else, asks you about ways they can improve their life, help them set goals, make progress and become DRIVEN in their endeavors. Get out there and work to change the lives of those around you for the better. Be the example they need to succeed and remember: everyone can be great at something.

Andy Hingsbergen is a student at The Ohio State University, finishing up his Bachelor's in Psychology.  Andy competes in powerlifting and is currently setting his sights on taking the physique stage.  He is originally from Springboro, Ohio.