I’m very excited about introducing the first episode of the Men of Strength Sports Performance Podcast. I used to listen to Mark Watts’s Sports Performance Podcast series from back in the day, and when that ended, I wished that someone else would start a podcast with great guests and great information. Well, as the saying goes, “If you want something, sometimes you gotta do it yourself.” So, here I am! The goal of this podcast is the same as my purpose in life…to make an impact on people. Some episodes will be more heavily shifted toward the X’s and O’s, whereas others will shift more toward the other side of our industry. When I say “the other side,” I mean the sport psychology or cultural aspects of what we do. In essence, this podcast will cover every aspect as it applies to sport performance, which, as we know, is just as mental as it is physical. And don’t worry—I will have plenty of women on the show along with men. “People of Strength” didn’t exactly have the same ring to it and is a tad too PC for my liking (sorry not sorry).

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Our first-ever guest is David Kitchen, who serves as the assistant director of strength and conditioning for the UNLV Rebels football team. Kitchen and I first met during our time at Robert Morris back in the summer of 2015, and he has not only gone on to be a very successful coach but also is an exemplary friend and person. Kitchen talks about everything from his life journey to discipline and even the different sociology principles he’s studied in an attempt to better his athletes. Thank you, and enjoy!

  • 1:39 — Introduction and journey
  • 12:52 — Reflection on past experiences with being a head guy
  • 19:50 — Humility, identity, and purpose
  • 32:05 — Owning your role
  • 38:23 — Introspection: find out what you’re doing wrong
  • 46:04 — Relationship between director and assistant director
  • 52:50 — Development, discipline, and character
  • 1:06:05 — Social media and the problems with our industry
  • 1:13:47 — Closing statements

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