Welcome to Episode 4 of Men of Strength Sports Performance Podcast. Our guest in this week’s episode is Georgia Southern’s director of Olympic strength and conditioning Jeff Ward.

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I met Coach Ward when he was still our part-time assistant when I first got to Georgia Southern. Then he made the jump to the director role through hard work, dedication, and consistency. I’ll let him share the rest of his story though. Enjoy!

By the minute:

  • 0:20 — Introduction and journey into strength and conditioning
  • 4:00 — Lessons learned from each transition
  • 6:11 — Leadership model
  • 11:30 — S.W.O.T. analysis
  • 16:03 — High character high competency grid and uses for staff evaluation
  • 23:09 — The harm in plug and play
  • 28:31 — Setting the standard and needs analysis
  • 35:17 — Having multiple plans and forward thinking
  • 38:45 — Walking in faith with strength and conditioning
  • 48:03 — Outro

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