A Day in the Life of Brian Schwab

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We’ll use a typical Tuesday.

5:45AM: Alarm goes off. Hit snooze.

5:52AM: Alarm goes off again. Hit snooze.

5:59AM: Alarm goes off again. Hit snooze.

6AM: Second alarm goes off. Hit snooze again. This is annoying since it’s only one minute later. This continues until 6:14AM, then I realize that we have the clock set 10 minutes too fast, so I sleep until 6:20AM on it, which is really 6:10AM.

6:10AM: Get up, check my messages to see if any of my morning clients have canceled, realize that they never do. Take 200 to 300mg of caffeine in supplement form.

6:15AM: Take a shower, get dressed. Try to put my shoes on while Icarus bites my hands, feet and shoes.

6:35AM: Make my shake with a cup and a half of skim milk, two scoops of whey, one scoop of dextrose, one scoop of oatmeal, and two tablespoons of peanut butter. Wonder how so much time has gone by, but realize that I’m moving exceptionally slowly.

6:40AM: Drive to OBB.

7:05AM: Arrive to OBB five minutes late, but notice that my client isn’t at the gym anway. Go to the bathroom and release what seems to be most of the protein shake I just drank. Turn the computer on, check the stock of paper towels, toilet paper and clean up the weights in the free weight area.

7:30-8AM: Train a half hour client.

8-8:30AM: Train another half hour client.

8:30-9:30AM: Train an hour client.

9:30-10AM: Train another half hour client.

10-11AM: Eat a bar, or half of a sandwich and drink Gatorade. Sit at the computer and try to answer e-mails, pay bills, back taxes and answer questions on EliteFTS, but realize I’m not coherent enough to do any of it. Instead I go on EliteFTS and read the training logs and Outlaw to read the troll posts.

11AM-12PM: Wipe down the equipment. Empty the Tupperware container with the water that never stops leaking from the AC.

12-12:25PM: Drive home. Start nodding off at the wheel.

12:30-1:30PM: Let the dogs out. Watch Icarus tackle and harass Zen. Apologize to Zen. Eat leftovers from the night before. Today was cube steak and mashed potatoes. Check stuff out online while I eat and try to prevent Icarus from stealing my food. Give Zen some, while Icarus isn’t looking, for not begging.

1:30-1:50PM: Nap.

1:50-2PM: Realize that the clock is set 10 minutes fast and hit snooze.

2PM: Wake up. Realize that I’m going to be late getting back to the gym, but that there won’t be anyone signing up, so I’m not too concerned. Take my CEA stack.

2-2:25PM: Drive back to OBB.

2:25-3PM: Turn the computer on and clean up weights in the free weight area. Eat a bar or half sandwich with Gatorade. Start writing workouts for afternoon client and online clients.

3-4PM: Train CJ, my Special Olympian client.

4-4:30PM: Finish writing the workouts for my online clients, write my own workout.

4:30-6PM: Realize that my CEA stack is wearing off. Grab a Spike and get my workout in.

6-6:30PM: Run the installments for the transactions of the day for OBB. Load videos from the workout if I have any. Bag up the towels to take home to wash.

6:30-7:05PM: Drive home. Traffic is always bad around this time.

7:05-7:30PM: Walk the dogs.

7:30-8:30PM: Debate whether I should make a post workout shake, opt for 3 or 4 beers and chips instead.  Feed the dogs, get my supplements ready for the next day, post my training on Elite.

8:30-8:50PM: Shower

9:00-10:30PM: Eat dinner and watch TV with Trinity. Usually lean meat with veggies and either rice or potatoes.

10:30-11PM: Get ready for bed. Try to wear Icarus down some so he’ll sleep.

11PM: Go to bed.

Approx. 2-2:30 AM: Wake up to Icarus either lying on my face or thinking it’s time to play. Take him outside to go to the bathroom. Wait for him to stop playing and go back to sleep.

Start all over again.

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