Do I Look That Paranoid?

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Do I Look That Paranoid?

As I have mentioned before, I spend my time writing my logs at a local coffee shop because I do not have internet at my house yet. I try to get there everyday to keep up on the website. I usually keep to myself, order the exact same thing, and sit in the corner as far away from people as I can.

I have noticed another repeat customer that comes in via a creepy full-size Chevy van. It has all of its windows, it's not one of those abduction vans that have no windows. He always brings in his own containers and coffee additives. I was like OK, this guy just likes organic shit or makes his own stuff, so no big deal.

Yesterday he was in there with another guy talking very loudly about how he is having stem cells implanted into his brain the following day. I was like stem cells in your brain, really dude? He was eccentric, and eccentric and filthy rich go hand-in-hand, so I thought, well, maybe this dude has way too much money and is having some weird surgery. I finish up my training logs and e-mails and head towards the door. I here this, "Pssst..." and this dude is on his phone, not making eye contact with me but gesturing his hand towards me. In his hand was a piece of paper. We did the whole handshake inconspicuous trade off.

I get to my truck and it’s a YouTube link to look up. It was called Project Camelot. I watched the link and its this lady being interviewed. She talked about how she was raised by aliens and they taught her all their secrets. Secrets about life, re-useable energy resources, technology, and conspiracy in the government. She also described how to contact trans-dimensional beings. She talked about how she was a link between worlds. After watching this, I took minute and thought, what the hell about my appearance makes me looks like an extraterrestrial government conspiracy theorist? Apparently I made this guy feel comfortable enough to extend an invitation to his following. WTF man! I am definitely never going to that coffee shop again. Haha! Getting probed and fed killer Kool-Aid is definitely not on my “to do” list.

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