Elitefts™ Trivia Contest: Wanna Win Some Free elitefts™ Wrist Wraps?

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Who is the longest tenured current EliteFTS competitive lifter, and in what year did he/she join the team?



  • You must post your answer in the comments below.

  • Your answer must contain the lifters full name.

  • Your answer must contain a link to the lifters log.

  • Your answer must include the year they were added to the team.

  • When you submit your answer, you must include an e-mail we can contact you at (if you win).  ONLY enter your e-mail in the box that asks for it. Do NOT put it in the comment text. Your e-mail will not be public and will not shared or added to any list.


The first THREE (3) people to answer this correctly will receive one pair of elitefts™ normal wrist wraps

Value: $16.95

Small Print

We reserve the right to end this contest at any time. If you do not have e-mail access, you can submit your answer on the Q&A. If you do answer correctly and we try to contact you and do not hear back within 48 hours, you will be "out of luck" and we will move onto the next person. If nobody answers this correctly we will roll this prize over to the next Trivia Contest as a bonus additional prize. Everyone has the same chance to win. How much you squat, bench clean or curl in a power rack will not make a difference. Even if you "know" someone...it will not matter. This is a simple contest so let's get rolling...



* It is not Jim. While Jim has posted very respectable totals in both Multi-Ply and Raw he is not currently competitive.

* It is also not Julia. Julia has been on the team since for a very long time but the person we are asking about how been with elitefts longer.



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