Life is for the Living


I addressed this question to the general public here on elitefts™, but would like to get your opinion on this, since I guess you seem to be a guy who could give me an awesome answer.

This is a question concerning life in general, but also contains training questions, so here we go.

I graduated school three months ago and got a pretty good degree - so I'm really satisfied with that. After school, I decided to spend one year of social services as a volunteer at a health station near my home. I worked there now for over two weeks.

But, all-in-all, I'm pretty unhappy with my current situation. I always told myself "go to foreign countries and learn new things, get experiences etc." since I was like 10 years old or so. But until today, I haven't made the decision to do that. Something in me always holds me back and tells me not to do it, even though I want it.

I just came to the conclusion that this has to stop and I should just go for it. I could go into another country for 3-6 months if I want to since I have the time now to do so.

BUT the main thing that holds me back at the moment is, that I'm so f*cking afraid to lose all my strength I earned over the years in my powerlifting career so far. I worked my butt off to get where I am today through training, as well as nutrition. And I know that in a time period of 3-6 months, where I (probably) won't be able to train a lot and eat good, I can lose a lot of all my gains. On the other side, the chance to go for something that exciting like a 3-6 months trip will probably not come very often in my life again.

What do you say?
Should I go for it? What would be the best possibilities to prevent losses?

Thanks man!


Well, John, I hope you didn't expect a short answer. I am not going to tell you what to do. Instead I will ask, what, in your heart, do you know you want to do? Money aside, work aside, family aside, if you had no risks to any decision what would you do? If you had the opportunity to do anything what would it be? In 60/70/80 years from now, on your death bed, what would you be laying there thinking about, what would you regret that you never did? Your dreams will always mean more you to than they will to anyone else. The majority of people, friends and family included, will never understand, nor will they support your dreams.

The years leading up to and while I'm now living my dreams with elitefts™ and powerlifting, the majority of resistance came from friends and family. You will never understand it, because I still don't. The people closest to you will always think they know what's best for you. To quote a good friend, "Never take life lessons or advice from someone to whom you wouldn't trade lives with." I faced major resistance, lost friendships, sacrificed money, jobs, a social life, and pain to achieve and live my dreams. Now, I've never black-balled anyone, never screwed anyone over, never taken advantage of anyone, never stole to get where I'm at, so I know that what I'm doing is right.

Life, John, is for the living. It isn't how much money you have in the bank, the car you drive, your degree, the size of your house, if you have a "10" as a wife, or a job. Life is about happiness and living your dream, whatever that may be. Live your life for you and no one else. You do what makes you happy, anything, it doesn't matter what it is or if the rest of the world "gets" it or not. If you're not hurting anyone, ripping anyone off, or taking from others, then how can your dream be wrong?


As far as training goes, bodybuilding and powerlifting is huge in Europe. Finding food, supplements and gyms will not be a problem. So, you can just forget about that right now. Muscles grow back, strength comes back, PRs get broken. It doesn't matter whether you take a year off or 20. As long as you're being true to yourself, true to your heart, and live an honest life, everything will find a way to work out.

Nothing great comes without sacrifice. You hear me, let me repeat that because I want this burned into your skull, "Nothing great comes without sacrifice." Period. If your dream is to see different countries, then get your ass on that plane. But, just remember it may cost you money, a job, your career, girlfriends, friends, gains in the gym, but none of that really matters. Your true friends will understand, other jobs will come, money can be remade, and strength will come back.

I've lost a lot on the road to my dreams. But ya know what, I wouldn't change a single thing. I knew in my heart I was doing what was right and important for me. Life is for the living man, find what you want and never look back!