Marshall Johnson: Iron Battle on the Mississippi

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This is just a short summary of how my lifting went. I am very excited to talk about all the great people I met and get my thank you's out there soon.


I smoked my opener.  It was the fastest I think I have ever moved 950 pounds. My second attempt was 1020 something. I unracked it and almost fell forward, then over-compensated and almost fell backwards. In hindsight, I should have just reracked it and started over, but I didn't, and tried to squat. I never got back on my heels and ended up falling forward on the way up. It was a stupid mistake. I should have just reracked it.

I was faced with a big decision—do I have the confidence to go up to my planned third attempt, or take the same weight? I decided to take a small jump up to 1041. I hit it with more in the tank. It was frustrating because I felt as though I had enough for 1070. But sometimes shit happens. I was very pleased to be able to come back and hit my third attempt.


My opener was 635 pounds. I went into it timid and half-assed and it was a lot harder than it had to be. My second attempt was a small jump. I knew if I got my head straight I could hit this easy and build confidence. At  650ish, I was right, hit it good, and was confident. My third attempt and PR was 711. I was mentally and physically prepared and I hit it with more in the tank. I was so happy!


My opener was 700, easy. My second attempt was 765, again easy. I went to 821 for a PR on my third attempt and I just couldn't get it past my knees. I think I may have rushed it. Paul Carter also pulled me aside after and gave me some great advice.

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