"So You Think You Can?" Application

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The success of the "So You Think You Can Bench" videos prompted us to continue the "So You Think You Can?" series. We had a TON of reader interest, and we've decided to make this real. Sound the trumpets! Thunder peals through the sky! Guitar solo!

We'll be choosing three people to come to the EFS Compound to receive personal instruction and coaching from an EFS sponsor. Not only that, but the coaching will take place at the November 2010 Underground Strength Session - Seminar, which in itself is a $1000 per-person event. The UGSS is November 20th-21st and will feature lectures, sponsors, lifting, and food, all spread over the course of two days. Those chosen absolutely need to be able to attend the Saturday session of the November 2010 UGSS, as that is when their session will take place, but are welcome to stay for the Sunday session as well.

NOTE: Those who are selected will have their fee for the event 100% waved. To recap, each winner will get full access to the event as well as personalized instruction from our sponsors.

Only three people will be chosen. Each will receive coaching on either the squat, bench, or deadlift. Don't ask who the sponsors are, because it's still being decided. EFS will not pay lodging, food, or travel expenses. Do not apply if you cannot attend on Saturday the 20th, or cannot afford the trip, the food, or the stay.

To apply: email a two paragraph essay to So You Think You Can, briefly explaining why you should be chosen. The first paragraph must tell us who you are, why we should choose you, and which of the three lifts you would like to be coached on.  In the second paragraph, you must state your favorite movie of all time and explain why it is your favorite. Keep the essay brief, please. The email must provide your contact information, including the best phone number(s) to reach you at. THE DEADLINE IS TUESDAY NOVEMBER 2nd at 9AM EST.

There are also a very limited number of spaces left available for purchase. This would be an excellent opportunity for trainers and strength coaches, as well as powerlifters, strength athletes, or people who just like to train. The price is $1000 up front, no exceptions. It costs a lot of money to put on an event like this. Again, you must be able to cover your own travel, food, and lodging expenses. If you are interested in attending the 2010 UGSS - Seminar, send an email to This Address, including the best phone number to reach you at. As I said, the number of spots available is very limited, so these spots will be sold on a first-come basis. These are very exclusive events with very limited attendance and spots will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

This contest is open to anyone, void where prohibited. The decisions EliteFTS and personnel authorized to act on its behalf are final and may not be appealed.  By entering, participants waive any and all claims of liability against EliteFTS, its employees, distributors, and affiliates.  We will contact the winner to collect the appropriate information.

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