The 40 Exercises You Should Never Do

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We asked you on Facebook for an exercise you should never do. Not even if Jim Wendler told you to. Not even if Dave Tate said it was awesome!

  1. "Tricep kickbacks." - Dave Bendle
  2. "Upright row...haven't done a single repetition in over two years and shoulders have never felt better." - Bryan Bradshaw
  3. "Cock pushups." - Barry Haylock
  4. "Got to be dumbbell kickbacks." - Glenn Smith Jr.
  5. "Glute isolator machine." - Matthew Smith
  6. "Direct calf work. Prowler sprints seem to work them fine." - Chris Hill
  7. "Power cleans and tricep kickbacks." - Tyler First
  8. "Sled pull with four plates up a sloped parking lot in the Florida heat." - Devon Pegues
  9. "Curls - or any exercise for that matter - standing on a BOSU ball." - Kori Pagel Harris
  10. "Seated calf raises." - Luke Barber
  11. "Anything overhead, shit puts me out for a week." - Lindsey Craft
  12. "Pull-throughs. I never really got anything out if them and you couldn't get enough weight on the cable machine at my gym." - Jim Glover
  13. "Concentration curls." - Ray Rhoads
  14. "Upright rows." - Joe Lescano Handabaka
  15. "Hack squats." - Adam Harman
  16. "Straight bar curls. Far too rough on the wrists." - Tom Dove
  17. "Leg extensions. I like my knees." - Scott Haney
  18. "Skull crushers!" - John Lorenzo
  19. "Step ups." - Al Caslow
  20. "The snatch, clean or jerk. Too technical and take too much time to learn for it to be effective for me at this point." - Sean Christian Hartzell
  21. "Upright row. Feels terrible on my shoulders." - Alex Hall
  22. "Stone carries with the New Mexico stone. My training partners and I used to carry this big chunk of concrete until failure. My back, legs, arms and everything in between used to hurt for days afterward. Then one day, it broke. Damn shame, it was a good stone." - Rich Kahle
  23. "I will never again attempt a GHG barbell snatch." - Charles Stanley
  24. "Dumbbell kickbacks, I will never do. Only fitness girls and gym geeks do them." - Jim Voronin
  25. "Kickback and lying dumbbell curls." - Benjamin Andres Acevedo
  26. "Zercher Squats - strained my bicep doing them." - Jon Taylor
  27. "Rack curls." - Ben Halverson
  28. "Cable crossovers...dumbest exercise ever." - Will Callahan
  29. "I tried this new fad called uh, jogging. Never again." - P.J. Vallier
  30. "Kneeling squats." - Michael Hart
  31. "Arnold presses, heavy upright rows, dips and skull crushers." - Ryan Ward
  32. "Bradford press." - Jonathon Wright
  33. "Preacher curls." - Sean Barnaby Behan
  34. "Frigging tricep kickbacks...these should only be done by people who know what they are doing, you know like personal trainers." - Michael Nease
  35. "The Prowler. F that thing!" - Johann Gylfason
  36. "JM presses...yuck." - Molly Edwards
  37. "Anything on a smith machine." - Nicolas Amp
  38. "Donkey raises with my mother." - Jacob Rothenberg
  39. "Benching." - Jason Pegg
  40. "Curls in the squat rack." - Andy Loiacano

What exercise would you never do?

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