Why I Love elitefts™...

I've been a part of this site (athlete and Q&A member) since 2006. I was always a huge fan and supporter of the site before that because it had BAR NONE the best information out there. Where else could you find the top lifters in the world giving training advice?

But since I've been part of the team for sometime, I got to see some behind-the-scenes stuff at the elitefts™ headquarters and around the web.

  1. Dave (and the rest of the staff) really truly care...about each other, the staff, the team and the READERS. They really do live by the words "Live, Learn and Pass On." Dave has been an inspiration to me for years...ever since I first met him in 2001. If you ever questioned his passion about lifting or his business, then you obviously never heard him speak. The moment he opens his mouth, his passion is evident. He cares about his readers and he loves what he does.
  2. Customer Service. The other day, I got a text from someone saying that a friend of theirs ordered some racks from elitefts™. This person felt like they were getting the run around from someone at the office and was almost ready to never order from them again. I said, "Wait a dog-gone minute...that does NOT sound like the elitefts™ office staff." Sure enough, it wasn't them. There were some issues with the manufacturers and all was settled. Dave really does care about customer service. He stands by delivering THE BEST. Got an issue? Let them know. Wrong product? Let them know. I'm going to tie this in with customer service because it seems to be the most popular beef - shipping costs. If you haven't read their policy on shipping, read it now. Terms of Service.    Dave's Response.
  3. The Community. The elitefts™ Facebook page is amazing. When questions are asked, you get so many readers commenting and sharing. There are a lot of different opinions out there, but if you have an open mind, you can learn a ton. Read it all, take it in, and use what you find appropriate for you.
  4. The Team. Some lifters come and go based on their career, jobs and life. But what you will find is that past team members still support the current members...and the current members support each other. We are scattered across the country (and world). We even have different training philosophies, and some may even be competing against each other on the platform. However, we will always cheer for, encourage and support each other.
  5. The team is also pretty amazing at taking the time out of their day to post their training log and answer questions. We don't get paid to do this. We do it because we LOVE what we do and LOVE helping people. I know some sites out there pay their writers for articles and some coaches won't write unless they get paid. NOWHERE else will you find more FREE content than elitefts™. I love it. I love logging in every night and helping readers break PRs.
  6. The products are the best products out there. The racks. The apparel. The gear. The bands. The wraps. All backed by (see reason No. 2) the best customer service.
  7. The Readers. YOU guys and girls are awesome. I received countless messages, Facebook posts, e-mails and comments congratulating me on meets, PRs, and even family events and kids! Your support means a ton and I love giving the support back. That's why I always tell people to "Keep me posted" because I really truly do want to hear YOUR success stories. YOU motivate ME!