Few movements in the powerlifting world are as simultaneously thrilling and intimidating as those that include bands. There’s no way around it; using bands just looks cool.

But there’s one thing that doesn’t look cool: a limp band hanging from a bar and offering nothing to the strength curve of the movement. If you’re making this (or any other) band setup error, follow JL’s quick video-guide and learn to use accommodating resistance the right way.

General Rules

  • There should always be tension on the bar
  • Keep the bands’ action-line in correct alignment with the groove of the lifter
  • Test the bands with an empty bar to ensure there is even tension

General Rules for the Bench

  • Do not single-choke the bands
  • Double loop each band around two band pegs
  • Widen the pegs to increase tension
  • No band pegs? Use heavy dumbbells

General Rules for the Squat

  • Unrack with one foot slightly behind the other
  • Choke the band around band peg
  • Do not double-loop band
  • Walk the bar out until the bands are straight up and down