Friday Technique Video: Bands Setup

TAGS: Setup Bands, friday technique video, accommodating resistance, powerlifting, JL Holdsworth

Few movements in the powerlifting world are as simultaneously thrilling and intimidating as those that include bands. There’s no way around it; using bands just looks cool.

But there’s one thing that doesn’t look cool: a limp band hanging from a bar and offering nothing to the strength curve of the movement. If you’re making this (or any other) band setup error, follow JL’s quick video-guide and learn to use accommodating resistance the right way.

General Rules

  • There should always be tension on the bar
  • Keep the bands’ action-line in correct alignment with the groove of the lifter
  • Test the bands with an empty bar to ensure there is even tension

General Rules for the Bench

  • Do not single-choke the bands
  • Double loop each band around two band pegs
  • Widen the pegs to increase tension
  • No band pegs? Use heavy dumbbells

General Rules for the Squat

  • Unrack with one foot slightly behind the other
  • Choke the band around band peg
  • Do not double-loop band
  • Walk the bar out until the bands are straight up and down
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