Welcome to the long-awaited follow-up to Matt Wenning's popular "SYTYCS" series. This time, Matt targets the pull in the same expert fashion that he did with the squat. We brought in loyal elitefts™ customer and amateur strongman competitor Ryan Minney as our training subject. His form is broken down, analyzed and a thorough plan to improve his deadlift is laid-out.

Wenning covers:

1) The importance of the deadlift
2) Why we focus on the conventional DL
3) Body position/mechanics
4) Spinal arch
5) Static muscle strength
6) Collecting data to determine weakness
7) Basic set-up
8) Avoiding a break in upper back position
9) Transferability of pin-pulls to deadlifting
10) Make your back a solid piece of iron
11) Leg strength vs. back strength in the pull

He starts Ryan at 135, progresses to 225, 315, 365 and ends around 405. Bar speed is important. Make every one of your reps (including warm-ups) "fast, violent and perfect!"