When it comes to food prep, I really don't have the time...no the desire to spend half a day each weekend prepping food for the week. I look at it this way, all I'm trying to do is drop body fat and get leaner. Like most readers and people trying to loose body fat, I have zero aspirations to step on stage or to be insanely shredded. With this simple fact in mind, I don't see the need to make every single meal chicken breast and rice, etc.

I'll be the first to admit I have better success having someone work with me on my diet and supplement plans, but I always make sure to let them know what I'm looking to do and also what I'm looking not to do. This isn't to say I don't eat clean. I'll follow exactly what I'm told to do, but my food choices may not exactly be what they'd like to see, but this is when we work together and find a way to keep moving toward the end goal.

I thought it would be a cool idea to do this in a different format than I've done in the past and use pics to show what a moderate carb day looks like. So far for this diet I've only had moderate and high days. There hasn't been a need for any low days at this point and to be honest the way things are moving, they may not come into play at all.

Meal 1

1 cup egg whites, 4 omega 3 eggs, 2 slices brown rice bread with natural peanut butter

Prep Scale: Easy - Poor 1 cup egg whites in skillet, crack and mix in 4 omega 3 eggs. While this is cooking, toss two slices of brown rice bread in toaster. Spread natural peanut butter on bread, toss eggs on plate and then eat. Now, how hard is this? I've never timed it, but I'd be shocked if the total prep and eat time exceeds 10-15 minutes.

Meal 2

Metabolic Drive bars and Rockstar

Prep Scale: Simple - Open bars, crack drink and eat. How complicated is this? Total prep time is about one minute to toss in your bag and another to eat.

Meal 3

Subway flatbread with 3 chicken breasts, lettuce and green peppers with Coke zero

Prep Scale: Moderate - I'm making this moderate for prep because after standing in enough lines and watching people order at subway, I can see that most people have NO IDEA how to order a basic sub and if they had to make a special request, they'd really be in a huge bind. They already can't read the GIANT sign on the wall telling them what they have, so this might be much harder than I think. Here's how this works:

Walk in, wait in line and ask for a triple chicken breast flat bread. Then tell them no cheese and to microwave two of the breasts while the bread and other one is being toasted. After this, put on whatever vegetables you want with no sauce. Pay, leave and eat.

If you're really proactive, you'll order a few and keep some backups at home in case you can't make the trip one day. I eat the same things every single day, so I have plenty of backups, but I'll say nothing beats a fresh one.

Meal 4

Anaconda, Mag 10 and Powerade Zero

Prep Scale: Simple - mix powder with Powerade Zero (or water and the flavoring). I drink this pre, during and post training. I'll also have a bottle of water.

Meal 5

Lean ground beef, hot sauce and 3 sweet potato tortilla chips with diet snapple

Prep Scale: Simple - ground beef on stove, toss in bowl, add chips and sauce and eat. This does take a bit longer to cook, but very simple. I'll also add (not shown) 2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter on half of a green pepper.

Meal 6

Metabolic Drive shake and almonds

Prep Scale: Easy - Add water and powder to shaker, shake and then drink. I drink this before bed.

At the end of the day, this all comes out to about 150 grams carbs, 110 fat and 350 protein.

As you can see from this short article, it really drives me insane when people bitch about not having the time to food prep and use this as an excuse as to why they can't loose weight or drop bodyfat.

These foods really haven't changed at all (I know this isn't good and I should have more variety and eat more greens instead of using so much superfood) and my bodyfat has dropped from over 15% to now under 7%, so it's really not that complicated.

I'd also like to add that I'd like to have a real meal instead of the bars and shakes at this point, because they go down too fast and don't do much for hunger. However, I have to also work around my schedule and right now I have A LOT on my plate and it's easier, better and more convenient to not change this unless I have to. I honestly don't know when I'll have to leave town nor for how long, so I have to be ready for anything and it's very easy to keep bars, protein, Natural Peanut Butter and Brown Rice Bread with me at all times. I can find lean ground beef and eggs anywhere, so I'm always covered regardless of the situation.

Perhaps the most hardcore pic I've ever posted. LOL