1. Dropping calories too low too quickly. You always want to take "baby steps" with dieting to preserve as much muscle as possible, and also to keep the metabolism from stalling out too quickly.
  2. Not making big enough changes to elicit results. Many people think that adding 20 minutes of cardio will magically "rip them up," while their diet remains shitty, or at least too high in calories. Cardio is great, but it's not enough to make big physique changes...which is why those fat people at the gym on the treadmills always look the same. Cut out the crap in your diet and get serious if you want to see results
  3. Not making changes when their progress plateaus. You may need to increase cardio, cut calories, or even increase calories for a short time to keep things progressing. Once you stop seeing results, you need to change something.
  4. Not keeping protein high enough. Protein is even more important when dieting than it is when growing - make sure you're not skimping on it.  At the same time though, there's such a thing as too much protein. Find your sweet spot.
  5. Not being consistent. It's all too easy to sway from your diet and cardio plan when shit happens. Plan ahead and be prepared for that shit so you don't have to deviate when it comes. As with anything in life, consistency reaps major rewards.

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