Hello Harry,

I know you train smart, but I want to know what you eat during a typical week. I really want to clean up and discipline myself in terms of my diet, and I figured you would be the one to ask (because you have been doing this for so long). Hey, I didn't call you "old" though.

Thanks, and I appreciate what you and everybody else does on this site.

- Jeffrey Lebowski


I suppose you can call me old because you abide AND your last name is The Big Lebowski.

My menu is like this:

Breakfast: 6 eggs w/ lots of BACON

Snack: anything protein

Pre-Training: Anaconda and an Orange or Banana

During Training: Mo' Anaconda and water, water, water!

Post-Training: Within an hour, I have a complex carb. If I don't get it within that window, than it's my loss and I say the heck with it... and eat a ton of beef jerky. Homemade is better than any store bought. But heck, not always dickin' around to make it at home.

Lunch: Left-overs from last night. I always make more for dinner than is necessary.

Snack in the afternoon (or just a munchie to kill): PROTEIN something or another

Dinner: I'll prepare a chicken, meat, or fish dinner with dark green leafy vegetables.

Desert: A colorful freak'n salad

Later on, when it's just about time for bed, I'll eat something decadent. Chocolate, ice cream, cake, whatever. The key is NOT to eat the whole carton... which I certainly CAN. Just A scoop. I want the insulin to elevate right before bed. (You can look up the science as to why).

*No less than 80 oz of water per day.

*Olive oil or Coconut oil on everything—just a tablespoon, though.

I don't drink Vitawater, or Coconut water, or any of that crap. It's a waste of money and tastes like poop.

That's pretty much it!

When people PAY me for what they owe, we'll splurge. My family can (and will) down a boatload of sushi. Occasionally, once a month or every other month, we'll eat a pizza. My six-year-old loves pizza.

And, "you know, he's got emotional problems, man, "

Harry Selkow