How do members of Team elitefts™ start their day?


Josh Bryant - Two omelets with eight egg whites and salsa, potatoes and black coffee.



Jo Jordan - Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, Triple Berry Cheerios and Strawberry Mini Wheats mixed together with a cup of coffee.

Hannah Johnson - Maple and brown sugar high fiber oatmeal with cinnamon, a handful of walnuts and four boiled eggs. Deliciousness!



Ted Toalston - Eggs, grits, cinnamon raisin toast with almond butter, a banana and water. This is how I do breakfast! I’m loving it!



Chad Smith - Six eggs with turkey, spinach, peppers and cheese combined with four multigrain pancakes. I eat this meal about 90 minutes before my squat training.



Molly Edwards - Eggs and milk.



Matt Kroczaleski - I have 3/4 cup of malt-o-meal (measured dry), 18 eggs (15 whites) and a quart or so of water. If I want more protein, I'll add 50 grams of whey to the malt-o-meal. As this is 125 grams or more of carbs and 70 grams of protein. With the whey, it pushes them up to around 125 grams of both carbs and protein and the calories go from 900 to 1200kCal or more. This is usually my first or second meal out of the six to eight I'll have for the day.



Jason Pegg - Bacon, potatoes, mushrooms, onion. ALL FRIED IN BACON. ALL HAIL RHODESTOWN!



Brian Schwab - Here's what my breakfast is six days out of the week. It's usually my highest calorie meal since I have a hard time forcing food down past a point of fullness.

Schwab Shake:
2 Cups Chocolate Milk
2 Scoops Whey protein
1 Scoop Dextrose
2 Tbsp. Peanutbutter
1 Tbsp. Olive Oil

Your Breakfast

  1. “Squats and oats.” – Bobby Fohrenbach
  2. “Fish/Veggies/Protein Shake.” – Jay Cohen
  3. “Oats and eggs.” – Michael Kerley
  4. “Four egg whites, one whole egg, oats with a scoop of whey a little fruit for good measure and a killer lift session! What a way to start the weekend!!” – Angela Groves McDermott
  5. “Three eggs, oatmeal, fiber toast and a green supplement drink.” – Mike Ambrose
  6. “Oats, whey, milk and some fruit.” – Igor Pavlic
  7. “Six egg whites, two whole eggs, one slice of cheese, oats and a big glass of orange juice...looks like I’m not the only one!” – Philipp Aschmann
  8. “Burger King!” – Nick Cooper
  9. “Organic granola and soy milk!” – Christina France
  10. “Oats, blueberries and four egg whites.” – Melissa Desrochers
  11. “Protein shake, animal pack, fish oils, and a banana at 0430, then report for formation at 0500. Weapon issue and formation. Four eggs and one english muffin at 0800.” – JD Mata
  12. “Two nature valley peanut butter granola bars and a protein shake!” – Matthew Chamberlin
  13. “Oats, eggs, raisins and milk.” – Brett Vetter
  14. “Egg whites, oatmeal, wheat toast and black coffee.” – Mike Chorzelewski
  15. “Coffee, almonds, turkey and fish oil.” – Bill Ellsworth
  16. “Banana, hamburger and four WHOLE eggs...I couldn't live with myself if I tossed out a perfectly good yolk!” – Paul Medlock
  17. “Six egg whites, two yolks, one cup of oats, one-half of a grapefruit, 20 ounces of water and some Advil.” – Jay Clark
  18. “Six eggs, a couple apples, milk, wheat toast and leftover pizza...” – Adam Hardt
  19. “Based on Kieffer's latest blog article - Muscle Milk. At about 10 AM, I'll eat something bigger.” – Josh Miller
  20. “Two eggs, a leftover steak and swiss chard.” – Mike Cheliak
  21. “Oats, organic natural yogurt, a cup of blueberries and a banana with two scoops of whey.” – Martin Won
  22. “Weetbix, whey and milk.” – Julian Rossi
  23. “Protein shake upon waking and to hold me over while making breakfast, which consists of: two breakfast sandwiches (turkey breast, two eggs each, cheese on wheat toast), bowl of steel cut oats, grapefruit, black coffee and a fistful o' supp pills. Then, 5/3/1 deadlifting about 3.5 hours after that and another quick meal.” – Todd Bross
  24. “Spicy Italian Sausage, eggs, glass of milk, oats, water and a salad.” – David Charles Strider
  25. “Two scoops of whey with water, one and a half hours later...three whole eggs, two whites, a couple slices of swiss cheese, and an everything bagel. I know the bagel is bad, but it's a once a week treat.” – Scott Fehlner
  26. “Cream cheese on a low-carb tortilla followed up by bacon 'n' eggs at work along with a Monster drink.” – Chad McDaniel
  27. “Eggs and a shake.” – Greyhm Michael Francis
  28. “Oatmeal and eggs.” – Randy Reames
  29. “Egg whites! Yumm!” – Brian Simmons
  30. “Brown Rice and a petite sirloin steak!” – Bill Morgan
  31. “Coffee, skipping breakfast and then in a couple hours slamming a custom blend shake." - Brian Carroll
  32. “Oats with a scoop of protein mixed in. Then a spoon full of greens powder chased by water.” – Melissa Garrett
  33. “Oatmeal with blueberries and ham, and two percent cheese omelet.” – Kenneth Gruhl
  34. “Six whole eggs, two tablespoons of flax oil and one cup of dry oatmeal.” – Sam Sweigart
  35. “Two scoops Syntha 6 with three whole eggs and milk.” – David Scarborough
  36. “Grapefruit and Met-Rx meal replacement bar.” – Bob Robbins
  37. “An eight to ten ounce grilled steak, four whole eggs, two cups of spinach, two cups of cantaloupe and a double shot of espresso with heavy cream.” – Brett Bracken
  38. “Organic cereal with organic soy milk, organic toaster pastry, organic hemp protien, and spirilina mixed with barley grass.” – Matt Hunt
  39. “Unsweetened Almond milk and fiber supplement, two chicken sausages, an apple with organic peanutbutter and fish oil.” – Mark Gruen
  40. “Met-Rx Bar and water.” – Matt Lamb
  41. “One pound ground beef, two slices of cheese and a protein shake.” – Brandon Griffin
  42. "Five egg and cheese omelet, milk and bananas.” – Jay Wright
  43. “Four egg whites, one slice of whole wheat toast, almonds and water.” – Alex Longsworth
  44. “Eggs!” – Bob McCabe
  45. “A waffle gluten-free with flax, loaded with all natural peanut butter, one banana... a blended cup of coffee, vanilla whey, and oats! Workout is later today - hill sprints!” – Michael Ruggiero
  46. “Three slices of brown rice toast, one scoop of casein with one scoop of whey and peanut butter shake...not my usual breakfast, but I was out of eggs.” – Aaron Runnalls
  47. “Omelet with two whole eggs, four whites, spinach, onion, chives, mushrooms, tomato and fresh ground black pepper. Mmm...” – Amie Bursaw
  48. “Three packages of oatmeal, prunes and a big protein shake.” – Jack Kottwitz
  49. “Eight scrambled egg whites with two cups of fresh spinach. Yum.” – Yvonna Covington-Dearen
  50. “Four whole eggs scrambled mixed into two packs of instant grits, banana, glass of V8 tropical juice, glass of water, multivitamin and fish oil...due for protein/carb/creatine shake here in a bit...made with MILK!” – Justin Blatnik
  51. “BI's Muscle Provider with glutamine and six ounces of grape juice.” – Tammy Booska Howard
  52. “I have 25 grams of oats, one whole egg and 54 grams of egg whites.” – Jennifer Mulhall
  53. “Twelve eggs and a quart of chocolate milk in the blender. GFH!” – Nate Harvey
  54. “Budwig cream: five spoons of oats, five spoons of yogurt, one banana, half an apple, three fluid ounces of milk and two spoons of flax oil. Also had two whole eggs and a hot coffee/chocolate/milk shake.” – Tiago Valentim
  55. “Leftover spaghetti and a glass of milk.” – Ryan Readinger
  56. “Xtend plus some Jack3d Whooo...” – P.J. Vallier
  57. “Protein shake, eggs, bacon, yogurt, oats, banana, coffee and some multivitamins.” – Carl de Wijer
  58. “Oatmeal with three tablespoons of peanutbutter, a scoop of chocolate whey and milk. Eat big to get big.” – Eric Garcia
  59. “Tuna, bagel, water.” – Ben Drexl
  60. “Wheaties and a handful of Dbol. BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS!” – Jason Pegg
  61. “Omega-3 eggs topped with organic salsa, turkey sausage and brown rice bread with butter spray and sugar-free jelly.” – Ryan Ward
  62. “Babies.” – Eric Simpson
  63. “Oats mixed with cold water and chocolate protein powder.” – Robert Zweig
  64. “Four whole wheat pancakes with sugar-free syrup, a cup of blueberry yogurt and OJ to drink.” – John Tucker Duncan
  65. “Three whole eggs, 70 grams of oats, an orange, a banana and two slices of wholegrain brown toast with raspberry.” – Al Valentyn