I haven’t eaten breakfast for 10 years and starting now isn’t possible with the million things I have going on first thing in the morning. I have a hard time making progress with body composition, and I have low morning energy and strength. What is the next best thing? A protein shake of some sort?

I’m not a big fan of using shakes first thing in the morning, especially if they’re dairy based because so many people have allergies to them. These allergies can present as fatigue, bloating, stomach upset, and a lack of energy. The worst thing that you can do to start your day is consume items that don’t agree with your system. Eliminating these allergens is the key to having a high morning energy level. Otherwise, prepare for a very rough start in many ways.

We’ve experimented with consuming amino acids right away upon waking, and this buys two to three productive hours before you need to eat a solid food meal. So far clients have seen big increases in energy, reductions in body fat, and increased muscle mass using this simple tactic.

NewSite091814_14Following an overnight fast of several hours, the body needs nutrients that can be quickly absorbed to set an anabolic agenda for the next 24 hours. Remember, anabolism supports accelerated fat loss, muscle growth, and improved performance. The muscles need raw materials in an easily digestible form with rapid delivery to improve body composition and provide a big, mental lift because the right ratio of ingredients activate mental focus. Stress levels are highest in the early morning for most people, which is why there are more heart attacks on Monday morning in comparison to any other time during the week. This is based on my many years as an emergency room doctor. That being said, keeping your stress levels in check will help you lead a better life in more ways than one!

Breakfast of Champions

A quality protein powder fits exactly what you want first thing in the morning and are easily portable, requiring no more preparation than adding water. This shake raises insulin just enough to push growth factors into the muscles. Insulin is the most anabolic hormone in the body, and it plays an important role in the storage of nutrients. If there’s an absence of any food first thing in the morning, there aren’t any materials available to be converted into stored fat, making the insulin spike beneficial in several ways. Amino acids send powerful signals to the brain, and the unique combination makes the brain believe a large amount of food has been consumed. As a result, your metabolic rate is boosted through the roof, but there is nothing to burn except stored fat because the amino acids have little caloric value.


The Perfect Brain Fuel

The right combinations of amino acids provide ideal fuel for the brain, which allows for a steady level of mental energy with razor sharp concentration. Why? Amino acids are a source for the creation of neurotransmitters.

Real Man Meal

When you do have an opportunity to eat, start the day off with large amounts of organic protein and dietary fat sources. If you have been eating eggs every morning for an extended period of time, it’s time to rotate off for a few months to get rid of any allergies that may be in place. Try consuming chicken sausage, turkey bacon, grass-fed beef, or other protein sources. Ideally, this meal should be bigger than lunch and dinner so the body has ample nutrients throughout the day. Unless you trained first thing in the morning, keep the carbohydrates to a minimum at this meal if your goals are to maximize body fat loss. Good carbohydrate sources to consider are oatmeal, berries, and grapefruit.