In this throwback BONUS episode of Dave Tate's Table Talk, Jim Wendler's seminar for Strength Training High School Football Players is compiled into an hour-long video to share all of the information so you can implement it as a coach or an athlete. Jim Wendler has changed a lot of his methods over the years, but they all culminated in training youth athletes to perform at their peak in their sport. This is the recording of his LIVE lecture from the elitefts Sports Performance Summit where Jim discusses training High School Football players. 

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Today's Topics Include

00:00 Introduction to the Chasm

02:17 Building the Culture from Junior High On

05:30 Gymnastics in the Gym?

08:02 A High School Cinderella Story

10:59 What Jim Includes in his Training for High School Athletes

18:57 Jim's Principles

24:24 2016 Season

30:28 Coach El Jefe

37:50 Off-Season Attitude

47:20 The 7 Exercises

50:29 You Have to Know Your Program

54:46 JJ's Workout

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