Iron Subculture Podcast: Meet the Newest Team Members (Episode #9)

TAGS: steve colescott, Casey Williams, LTT,, Brandon Smitley, Joe Schillero, raw, powerlifting, Elitefts Info Pages

We welcome our three new elitefts™ team mates: Joseph Schillero, Brandon Smitley, Casey Williams in these interviews with elitefts™ Senior Content Manager Steve Colescott. Find out what set these three lifters apart from the crowd and earned them a slot among the strongest lifters in the world.


 0:00   Intro

 1:05   Joe Schillero Interview

11:12   Brandon Smitley Interview

24:40  Casey Williams Interview

37:47  End

Check out the footage of Brandon and Casey being welcomed into the team at LTT. These two are both incredibly strong!

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