Editor's Note: The video below contains foul language.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to piss off Steve Goggins? Well, today's uncensored video will give a glimpse into what frustrates Steve about training powerlifters. The topic of this rant: people who don't follow the fucking program. In Steve's expert opinion, if you're a lifter and you hire someone to write your program, unless that person tells you to go off the original plan, just stick to the plan. Don't make adjustments. Don't add exercises, sets, or reps — and don't remove them either.

Of course, you can do whatever you want to do. It's your body and your training, so it's ultimately your decisions how to handle it. But there's a problem with that if you've hired a coach. If you go off the program and you're doing your own stuff—and you're not talking to your coach about it beforehand—when you go to the meet and have a terrible meet, you can't blame the coach. If your coach has something programmed and you're preparing for a competition, you don't need to always be testing your numbers. You don't need to "just see what you can do." That's not part of the program. You have work you're supposed to do. Do that work, shut the training session down, and stay hungry.

You'll have a time to see the benefits of all the hard work, but you need to wait for the right time or you won't ever experience those benefits. You simply have to be patient and stay focused. Every workout isn't supposed to be a grinder pushing you to the limit. If the session goes well, it doesn't mean you're supposed to do something extra. Just stick with what you're supposed to do and you'll get stronger. Your coach has programmed it that way for a reason. And if you have a problem with the programming your coach gives you? Call him and tell him. Find out what the reason is. But why would you pay someone to do something for you and then not even use what you paid for? And even worse, to then blame the coach for your poor performance when you didn't even follow the program they gave you? Don't do that.

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