Revisiting young entrepreneur, Nick Showman, as he navigates his first year of owning and operating a gym, it’s clear to see that this young man is making a positive impact in the lives of his athletes while forming a coaching philosophy of his own. When elitefts™ first featured Showman’s gym, Showtime Strength and Performance, back in December, he’d only been open for business for three months.

Now, we’ve returned with a whole new set of questions on what Nick has learned in his first year of operation, how he approaches youth athlete training, and how his coaching philosophy has been influenced by training a wide array of clientele ranging in age from young athletes to elderly trainees.

Mark and Nick cover:

  • What Nick has learned in first year (0:20)
  • “If you expect something, it’ll take twice as long” (0:35)
  • Operating with a diverse clientele (1:05)
  • Training Philosophy (1:22)
  • Dealing with perpetually in-season athletes (1:38)
  • Discussing girls softball (1:51)
  • Training Priorities (2:35)
  • Coaches and Trust (2:53)
  • Main goal for youth athletes: Happiness (3:22)
  • Technical Skill vs. General Preparation (3:50)
  • Nobody cares how much your kid squats (4:15)
  • Contact Information (4:26)

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