The Best Time Of The Year

Every year we release our Programs That Work eBook — a collection of the most thought-out training programs from the top minds in strength training. These eBooks have been so remarkably well-received that last year we published two volumes of Programs That Work, doubling the amount of information in the manual

This year, we’re taking it even further. Like last year, we are bringing you two volumes of Programs That Work, combining for total of 80 complete programs. Just like previous years, there are a lot of perks to these two eBooks:

    • Contributions from experts in powerlifting, physique sports, Strongman, athletic training, strength and conditioning, and sports-specific training. This means that you aren’t hearing information from a self-proclaimed guru with only his own experience; you’re getting the results of thousands of hours of knowledge from nearly one hundred different minds.
    • Complete training programs, designed for you with all the necessary details to get you from start to finish. Exercise selection, percentages, sets and reps, recovery time — it’s all covered in these training programs. If you’re looking for intelligent training design without having to doubt the effectiveness of your workouts, you can trust the information in this eBook.
    • No back-end marketing. We aren’t selling you an eBook that we will then follow up with another eBook that promises even more information than the first! There is no Advanced Programs That Work. We aren’t going to sell Evolving Programs That Work. Everything you will ever need in order to get the most out of these eBooks is right here.
    • No time limit on usefulness. The programs in these eBooks will be effective in 2015. They’ll be effective in 2020. They’ll even be effective in 2040. You don’t have to use these programs within the next year (you couldn’t even if you tried) in order for them to be effective. Add the manuals to your bank for future use and revisit any year.

This year, we are also offering a third eBook, How I Trained For With team members like Brian Schwab, Mark Dugdale, and Jeremy Frey, we don’t want to tell you about the success of our sponsored athletes; we want you to witness their accomplishments yourself. And behind every accomplishment is a story of sacrifices, trials, and failures. For each PR total or first call out, there are thousands of hours of tireless dedication.

Sometimes this commitment creates success greater than anyone imagines. In this third eBook, you can find the stories of ten of team elitefts’ most prolific triumphs. From the first day of the training cycle to the podium finish, these elitefts™ athletes share every detail of their unique journeys. This new eBook offers several things that the others cannot:

    • Full coverage of the training performed to prepare for team elitefts’ biggest challenges. The information contained in this eBook does not consist of cherry-picked training days when everything went according to plan. The good, the bad, and the really bad are all shared freely here.
    • Chronological reports from every stage in the process of planning, altering, and rewriting the training programs that produced world-class performance. All the tweaks that were made during these training cycles are included in detail.
    • Easy to read format. This eBook is organized to allow you to go from one training session to the next without confusion or difficulty.
    • Personal accounts. The information is straight from the source and has not passed through an editor. You are getting the exact words and exact thoughts from world-class athletes, uncensored.

Just as in previous years, all revenue (this means every single cent) from these eBooks go to Make-A-Wish® Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana, Central Ohio Region. Your purchase (and any added donation) goes to help bring hope to children diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. Thank you for taking a part in changing the lives of these children.


*The 2014 MAW eBooks are only available for purchase during the holiday season. These eBooks will expire on December 31st.