In Laval, Quebec there is a training facility that will meet all your fitness needs. Brazzi Training Facility, owned and operated by Luca Brazzi, opened in 2011 and has grown consistently since. Through his wide range of training experience, Brazzi claims that there is one necessary constant, no matter the goal: just put in work.

Brazzi has been training as long as he can remember. When he began playing collegiate football, he realized his need to become bigger and stronger if he wished to compete. This is when he began studying. Brazzi became an every-day reader of and studied diligently to become an expert in Poliquin techniques.

During LTT8, Brazzi came to see us here at elitefts™. After all of the seminar presentations and hands-on coaching, he stuck around to talk to us on Saturday night. In this video, you can see first-hand both his passion for coaching and his understanding of how to work with clients of all backgrounds.

Some elitefts™ equipment in Brazzi Training Facility includes: