Hello Clint,

I would like some input on my training as well as on my deadlift form. I have been following your training logs, and I have started to grow my beard so that one day I can join the ranks of the "Bicep Nation!" It seems like you are the go to guy for the deadlift, so any tips would be appreciated. My training consists of a mixture of 5/3/1 and Strongman. I switch the weeks around and train 3/5/1 and go for rep PRs on the third and first weeks, and I just get the required reps on the fifth week. I will then do some heavy singles. I feel that my deadlift is struggling, and I want to focus on it. Like I said, I use the 5/3/1 template for Squat, DL, Axle C &P, Log press, and Bench. My training looks like this:

Bench: 5/3/1
Dips: 3 x 20 (bodyweight)
BB rows: 3 x 10 ~225 pounds
Shrugs: 3 x 20 ~315 pounds (hex bar)

Squat: 5/3/1
Box squat with chains: 50-60% training max with 80 pounds of chains
Speed DL: 50-60% with 40 pounds of chains and 90 pounds of bands.
Log C & P (strict press): 5/3/1

DL: 5/3/1
Speed DL with Chains and bands: 50-60% with 40 pounds of chains and 90 pounds of bands.
Dimel DL: 2 x 20 185 pounds
Axle C&P (strict press): 5/3/1
Any combo of Atlas stones, sand bag carries, H-Stone carry, farmer's carry, etc. (It all depends on the weather. Living in the North limits things in the winter).

Like I said, I would like to really improve my deadlift as that seems to give me trouble in my Strongman events. I feel that I am pretty good at the Atlas stones. I can load my 335-pound stone to a 48-inch platform (I need to build a bigger one now), and my overhead press seems to be going up steadily with all the Axle and Log training that I have been doing. Here is a link to my latest deadlift training:

What else can I be doing to help my deadlift as far as technique or assistance?

Thanks for any advice you can give,


PS. I don't train biceps.

Hey Eric,


Do you really feel that 20-rep dips are doing to do anything for your bench?



Normally I take my Training Max, find my percentages from that number, then subtract the tension/weight of my bands/chains to see what I should be training with for that day.

Speed Deads: Don't be afraid to work in the 40-50% bar weight on these plus bands/chains.


Same method as with the Box Squat on finding your training weights. This could easily be your answer!

Dimels: If sets of 20 is not doing it for you, I would rotate 1 set of 20, 2 sets of 10, and 3 sets of 5 through your training programming.

After watching your video, I'd suggest a few things:

  1. Work hard on the Dimels. You should be able to do sets of 10 PROPERLY with 225 pounds.
  2. Work on your arch at the beginning of the lift.
  3. You need stronger abs to get the bar off the floor better on your first rep AND to maintain your arch.
  4. Never touch and go... it has little to no transfer over to a big single pull.



Love your gym,

Clint Darden