elitefts™ Sunday Edition

Training Block I

1. General Warm-Up

2. Prehabilitation

4-way Neck: Performed slow and under control (machine, stability ball leans into wall, manual with partner, neck harness, with bands, wrestling bridges)

  • M: 2x20/W: 2x12/F: 2x15

Barbell Shrugs: Normal grip using NO straps!

  • M (Isometric emphasis): 2x20, 10-second high hold + 10 reps then repeat = 1 set
  • W (Submax eccentric emphasis): 2x20 + 4-2-1 tempo (4-second lower to 2-second hold to 1-second raise)
  • F (Dynamic emphasis): 2x20 (normal reps)

Rotator cuff/External & Internal Rotation @ 0 degrees:(Dumbbell, cables, bands)
1. External Rotation: Away from body, stay in the box with rolled up towel under arm

  • M (Isometric emphasis): 3x5 + 2-5-1 tempo (2-second lower to 5-second hold to 1-second raise)
  • W (Submax eccentric emphasis): 2x8 + 6-1-1 tempo (6-second lower to 1-second hold to 1-second raise)
  • F (Dynamic emphasis): 3x10 (normal reps)

2. Internal Rotation: Towards body, open arm outside box with rolled up towel under arm

  • M/W/F: Dynamic emphasis (normal controlled reps)
  • 2x15: 2

3. **Aerobic Conditioning

4. Cool Down



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