Maybe you just don’t know how to f&*%ing bench! Then we suggest you read these tips.

1.) “They don’t grab the bar tight.” – Dave Tate

2.) “Lack of over-all body tightness.” – Dave Tate

3.) “Dynamic effort method.” – Dave Tate

4.) “Keep the bar in line with the wrist and elbows.” – Dave Tate

5.)   “They do not ‘set’ the weight.” – Dave Tate

6.)   “1. Big AIR. 2. Pull the bar apart. 3. Leg drive.” – Joe

7.)   “The article Dave did for T-Nation was and is the best ever. Maybe you don’t know how to f*ing bench.” – Josh

8.)   “Bench Training for Gear and Raw by Matt Wenning.” – Anderson

9.)   “Being told that not everyone benches best with a massive arch and their upper traps on the bench. Find your own grove.” – Ben

10.) “Don’t push the bar off you. Push yourself away from the bar.” – Jason

11.) “Tight back.” – Kurtis

12.) “Just getting your upper back and core strength in line with your chest strength to allow for maximal strength through leg drive and the rest… (Raw Bench).” – Justin

13.) “If you lift it really fast, it’s not heavy.” – Brian

14.) “Don’t push the bar off you. Push yourself away from the bar.” – Yuri

15.) “Get your weight on your traps.” – Colin

16.) “Grant McRenolds told me to just push it bitch…stop f*ing around. Put everything into perspective.” – Des

17.) “Bench too low on your chest.” – Rob

18.) “I agree with Josh! The best video ever! The best tips: 1. Tight back. 2. Elbow under the bar. 3. And my favorite, PUSH YOURSELF INTO THE BENCH.” – Danijel

19.) “Squeeze the fuck out of the bar.” – Dan

20.) “Just press it.” – Jon

21.) “The directions for a tight set up by Dave, I think. Most people have no idea how to perform the lift correctly.” – David

22.) “Full scapular retraction for more power!” – Andy

23.) “Dave’s six-week bench press cure video. I watched it, put those tips to work and went up 25 pounds in three weeks.” – Ryan

24.) “Speed bench stuff.” – Frank

25.) “Retract the scapulae. Don’t cock the f*ing wrists.” – David

26.) “Don’t miss!” – Andrew

27.) “If you’re not a shw, don’t try to bench like one. Instead of raising your head and touching low, keep your head down. Raise your chest into your shirt and tear it apart. Stretch the chest panel until it bursts.” – Brian

28.) “Be tight.” – Nicolas

29.) “Only bench once a week. No other training. Boards, shirt, home.” – Karsten

30.) “Keep elbows under the bar.” – Nick

31.) “Push yourself away from the bar, not the bar away from you.” – Drew

32.) “Be tight from grip to heels.” – Tommy

33.) “Don’t push the bar back, push the bar UP. Straight up is a shorter distance than arcing back. I think it was Dave who said, ‘Pushing the bar back is the best way to smash your teeth out’.” – Kirsten

34.) “Nut up and push it.” – Jim

35.) “Lower the weight with the lats.” – Joe

36.) “Technique first, weight second.” – Buddy

37.) “Actually let the spotter help you get the bar off the rack, or else you’ll lose tightness in your back.” – Mike

38.) “Courtesy of 24 Hour Shitness- Don’t bring the bar all the way down to your chest. In fact, don’t bench press at all. Do some crunches on a stability ball instead.” – Mario

39.) “Train partials with a narrow grip in order to have same range of motion as regular bench, but avoid wear and tear on shoulders.” – Marc

40.) “Chains.” – Jonathon

41.) “Larry P to Louie Simmons, ‘You need triceps’.” –Jeff

42.) “Tight setup- no tap dancing feet during the lift.” – Dave

43.) “Train with people who know how to bench.” – Lucy

44.) “Wendler’s ‘benching is all about the elbows’ from the bench press exercise index. It helped me a lot with staying tight on the way down, flaring, tucking and taking the bar out of the rack.” – Adrian

45.) “Never lose control. Talk to people who know how to use a shirt. Jack your boobies.” – Lindsay

46.) “Belly to the bar is the best shirted advice I’ve given.” – Chris

47.) “AJ Roberts’ Tips video and Dave’s T-Nation article.” – Michael

48.) “Shut up and lift.” – Dave

49.) “Squeeze the pencil between your shoulder blades…Chad Aichs video.” - Mark

50.) “Tuck! Tuck! Tuck! Flair!” – Thyge

51.) “Eat pizza pops before training.” – Rob

52.) “Look good on the way down.” – Jim

53.) “Take more shit.” – Kenny

54.) “Pull the bar apart.” – Adam

55.) “How to properly set up…more specifically, squeezing our shoulder blades together and driving your traps into the bench like you are trying to break it off.” – Jerome

56.) “Push YOU AWAY from the bar, not just drive the bar up.” – Adam

57.) “Crush the bar with your hands.” – Jonathon

58.) “George Halbert used to tell me to squeeze my hands tighter, which helped greatly at the time he told me that.” – Matt Wenning

59.) “Other than basic form advice, being told to do board presses. I have very long arms and board presses are the only thing that ever really helped me. They helped me to become faster and used to heavy weights.” – Aaron

60.) “Just keep pushing, no quitting early. Push until you lock it out, or your form breaks down.” – D.m.