I’m not writing this article to stir up the dynamic versus static warm-up debate but to suggest different variations and progressions for a dynamic warm up. I used this progression for past summer programs designed to facilitate optimal conditions before alactic power and aerobic power. Mondays and Thursdays were dedicated alactic power days, and Tuesdays and Fridays were dedicated aerobic power days. Wednesdays were active/passive recovery days.

I’ve incorporated many ideas from Charlie Francis, Magnificent Mobility, The Parisi Speed School, Ryan Cidzik, and Tom Mylinski. It should be noted that this program is an example of a six-week summer program strictly used for veteran returners in football. Blocks of alactic power, alactic capacity, GPP, and restoration were utilized during the spring semester. Freshmen used a separate preparation plan that addressed deficiencies. Unlike most returners, freshmen are incapable of performing this warm up because it addresses a higher level of physical preparedness, maturity, and technical positional skills.