Back and Bis Workout of the Day with Banded Pullovers and Spider Crawl Superset

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The following details my back and biceps Workout of the Day from Kirkland Gold’s Gym. Here is the workout:

Superset: Dead-Stop Dumbbell Rows and Modified Pulley Rows

  • Dead-Stop Dumbbell Rows x 10 reps with 60 pounds
  • Immediately followed by…
  • Modified Pulley Rows x 6 reps with 295 pounds

I performed a few warm-up/feeder sets before doing three rounds of working sets with the above-listed weights. The key on the Dumbbell Rows is to squat down and bend over while being mindful of your lower back until the dumbbells are resting on the ground. Drive your elbows up and back as explosively as possible. Again, we want explosiveness, so don’t go so heavy that you can’t move the weight with speed. The Modified Pulley Rows should have a rack pull feel to them as you pull the weight back with arms straight. Go as heavy as you can.

Hammer Strength Pulldowns

  • Set 1 x 8 reps (alternating) with 2 plates/side
  • Set 2 x 8 reps (alternating) with 2 plates/side
  • Set 3 x 8 reps (alternating) with 2 plates/side

I love this variation because the contraction is more intense doing one arm at a time while the opposite side gets stretched. It felt particularly good after the previous superset. Stretch and then flex hard in the contracted position on each rep.

Superset: Banded Decline Dumbbell Pullovers and Spider Crawls

I used an elitefts Pro Mini Band for the Pullovers and a Pro Short Mini Band for the Spider Crawls.

  • Decline Dumbbell Pullovers x 10 reps with 60 pounds + band
  • Immediately followed by...
  • Spider Crawls x 6 up-and-down with band

I used a decline utility bench and band to create greater tension in the flexed position. Control your rep tempo and get a good stretch. I added Spider Crawls for rehab purposes because they help with shoulder issues. Spider Crawls are performed by placing your hands through the middle of the short band and spreading it to create tension while walking your hands up and down a wall. Walking your hands up and back down counts as one rep, so do these six times. Take a brief rest and continue with the Pullovers again. Do this superset for three rounds.

Away Facing Close Grip Pulldowns

  • Set 1 x 12 reps with 110 pounds
  • Set 2 x 12 reps with 110 pounds

Facing away from the weight stack, drive your elbows down, pull the attachment to your chest, and hold the contraction for a split second on each rep. 

Spider Curls

  • Set 1 x 5-second isohold, 5 reps, 4-second isohold, 4 reps with 40 pounds
  • Set 2 x 5-second isohold, 5 reps, 4-second isohold, 4 reps with 40 pounds
  • Set 3 x 5-second isohold, 5 reps, 4-second isohold, 4 reps with 40 pounds
  • Set 4 x 5-second isohold, 5 reps, 4-second isohold, 4 reps with 40 pounds

This exercise is performed lying face down on an incline utility bench with arms hanging off the end. Curl a straight bar to the contracted position while flexing and hold it for a five-second count. Immediately follow the isohold with five full range reps, then hold in the contracted position again, but for four seconds. Finish the set with a final four full range reps. So essentially five-second isohold, five reps, four-second isohold, and four reps. Do this technique for four sets.

That concluded this back and biceps workout.

Train hard!



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