Week 1

"Week 1 is complete. I lost 4 pounds and can already notice a significant difference in my appearance. I’ve completed five morning cardio sessions and four strength training sessions. I’m enjoying the training, and surprisingly the diet has not affected my ability to train. The fasted morning cardio isn’t too bad as I end up watching a half hour of television. Another pleasant surprise with regards to the diet is, I haven’t felt overwhelmingly hungry or had any cravings. I think this might be due to the large volume of healthy foods I am consuming. It is very comforting to know that I have a plan and a schedule put together by experts (Shelby and Josh), all I need to do is follow it." - Daniel

Week 2

"Week two down. I lost another 4 pounds, still feeling great. The 'dieting' has been pretty darn easy. My only challenge last week was a business trip. I was in the car driving with a co-worker for about 8 hours and sitting in a meeting for two hours, I ended up packing meals 2, 3, 4 and 5...and eating them in the car. Today I feel like I entered the food service industry, I cooked twelve eight-ounce chicken breasts, six pounds of very lean beef and eight large potatoes. Thank goodness for Costco. Hopefully the diet and training will continue to be this enjoyable!" - Daniel

Week 3

"Week three is complete. Down another 2 pounds. I'm starting to get into a nice daily routine. No major hitches in nutrition just following the plan. Strength has stayed up in the gym. The challenge this week was on Wednesday during a set of standing military presses. I was trying to squeak out my last two reps and I strained some muscles in my neck. No big deal, I had to work around/modify a few exercises that were uncomfortable (pull-ups, shrugs). Today my neck feels like it's almost back to normal. Fasted morning cardio is significantly better while watching a fishing show on TV." - Daniel

Week 4

"Week four is complete. Down 3 pounds this week, Shelby upped the fasted morning cardio to 5 x 40 minutes. Josh had me on a deload in terms of training, bringing my training weights down on most movements. My body feels well rested and ready to attack the weights in week five. The fat loss in the midsection is very significant, very timely and appropriate for Valentine's Day. The muscle strain in my neck that I was dealing with during the end of week three and into week four, is completely gone. It's amazing the amount of progress that Shelby and Josh have helped me achieve in four weeks. Two things have increased my dining quality of life. If I'm eating six or seven meals with 45-60 grams of protein in each meal, I've found it beneficial to switch up protein sources at least every other meal (example whey/casein/egg blend for meal 1, chicken meal 2, egg whites meal 3, lean beef meal 4, ect.) just to break up the monotony. I've also started slow cooking or smoking my meats. Put a dry rub (calorie free, salt, pepper, seasoning) on lean beef or even chicken and smoke on the grill at 225 degrees F, with some hickory chips giving the meat that smokey barbecue flavor without the added carbs of barbecue sauce. It takes a while, but is easy to do on a Saturday or a Sunday while doing stuff around the house." - Daniel

Here are some comparison pics of Dan after 4 weeks of his diet and training transformation.

The red shorts are when we started, and the black shorts are the current ones.

His midsection and lower back are both tightening up very nicely, and he's holding all his muscle very well while doing it.

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