How important is diet planning? I’m trying to lose about 30 lbs of fat because I’m around 20 percent body fat now. I want to look better and get into a more competitive weight class for powerlifting and mixed martial arts. I haven’t really done a structured fat loss plan before, and I’m thinking that just getting rid of junk food and keeping the carbs low will work. What do you think? I’m concerned about losing strength as well.

Eating clean isn’t enough to earn a low body fat level or maximize performance. Initially, you can lose some body fat just by eliminating junk food. But just like training, the nutrition plan must change in a strategic manner or things get stale very fast—after 4–6 weeks in our experience working with thousands of clients. We see it as our job to provide plans that are so advanced yet simple in regards to the ability for a client to execute the key elements.

There is more to fat loss than caloric intake

Macronutrient cycling (rotating amounts of protein, dietary fats, and carbs) will prevent metabolic staleness, increase fat burning enzymes, and optimize the hormonal environment. Remember, there is much more to fat loss than energy in versus energy out. Is 100 calories of potato chips the same as 100 calories of lean protein in regards to the body’s metabolic response? Heck no!

An athlete must consider performance elements because no competitor can afford to lose 3–6 months of training progress due to low energy associated with the typical static diet. You can lose body fat while maintaining or even increasing lean body mass if you play your cards correctly. Recovery rates will suffer when food intake is decreased, which is why all intake must be nutrient dense, and supplementation will be needed to fill the gaps. The ratios of protein, carbs, and dietary fats have a huge impact on the hormonal environment. Eat right and you can boost testosterone levels. Screw up and they will drop like a rock!

Recovery isn’t only a muscular issue

Any strength athlete must prioritize accelerating recovery for the nervous system. This isn’t an easy task, especially while trying to reduce body fat levels. Technically, the muscles must recover before the nervous system can do so fully. Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis will boost both muscular and neurological recovery, ensuring that you’re sharp for every training session. The special combination of amino acids are crucial during training, as they provide a powerful alternative energy source, which comes in handy when glycogen levels are lower than usual.

The typical long-term, low nutrient, intake plan making use of high protein with low carb and fat levels is a bad strategy if you’re looking to get very lean fast. We are metabolic janitors having to fix messes created by clients not due to bad intentions but a lack of information. Humans are creatures of habit. This is one of our greatest downfalls because we can easily make the fat burning mechanisms stale, bringing progress to a frustrating halt.

Enzymes hold the keys to the fat burning treasure chest

A little known factor of fat loss and muscle growth is enzymatic activity. When turned in your favor, it will accelerate progress. However, if availability is low, you’re headed nowhere fast. Enzymatic activity is increased according to food consumption. For example, eat a high amount of carbs and enzymes will be available to burn the carbs. The same holds true for proteins and dietary fats. Rapid fat loss requires the body to burn stored fat as fuel, and an elevated intake of good dietary fat consumption will increase the enzymes needed to get the job done. However, combine the wrong carb sources and amounts and the fat burning enzymes won’t reach peak levels.

Macronutrient cycling for rapid fat loss and muscle growth

By the time this article is posted, many people will have arrived at a major plateau if they started an effort around January 1st. The amounts of protein, dietary fat, and carbohydrates must be manipulated in a strategic manner to avoid metabolic staleness. A consistent intake of high protein levels without spiking dietary fat and carb intake will result in the body using muscle as a fuel source because protein is abundant from daily food intake.Why? The enzymes needed to use protein as a fuel source will be very active due to the high protein intake. We don’t want to make protein the bad guy, but try lowering your intake from 1.5 grams per lean pound of body weight to 1 gram a couple days per week while spiking carb or dietary fat levels to prevent metabolic staleness. It’s best to elevate carbs on one day and dietary fats on another. There are many elements to consider when building a customized macronutrient cycling plan. Due to space constraints, we can’t go through them all.

Physique breakfast of champions

Yes, lowering protein intake to moderate levels on certain days will reduce the availability of certain building blocks. However, these can be efficiently replaced by Amino Loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis around workouts and between meals. This was designed following many years of research including muscle biopsies to determine the exact ratios needed to support rapid muscle growth and repair. Remember, quality ingredient intake is only beneficial when they can be properly utilized, making the proprietary ratios absolutely crucial to your success. This combination doesn’t increase protein burning enzymes, allowing fat burning enzymes to increase rapidly and thus torching unwanted body fat fast. Use the MR and Muscle Synthesis around training as well as between meals to force the body into using more stored fat as fuel. This also has a big impact on metabolism because it makes the brain understand that an abundance of food has been consumed. As a result, your metabolic rate is raised through the roof! A few days per week use a high dosage of 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis to replace your breakfast and watch your body fat disappear for good!

Kick out the fat!

Fat cells are a warehouse for stored fat and are hormonally active, producing many types of hormones necessary for general health and to communicate between cells. Alpha Omega provides the vital raw materials and tools for optimal metabolism and synthesis. Optimizing fat cell function will help the body burn fat stores rapidly. Providing the ideal materials to cells supports a beneficial level of cellular fluidity, which improves fat burning communications between cells and the nervous system. Improved blood flow enables more nutrients and hormones to be delivered to desirable locations.

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