Most Frequently Asked August Question

EliteFTS gets a TON of calls everyday. We get all kinds of calls. Little kids prank call us and say random swear words to Rhonda before hanging up. We have 5/3/1 followers call Jim and ask if it's OK to modify his program by adding some foreign exercise. Some customers call to ask the status of their orders. The same telemarketers call everyday because they can't get a hold of Dave...if I can barely get a hold of him, you will never reach him. Sometimes we get a few complaints, but Rhonda is just awesome at getting them resolved. Problem? Rhonda to the rescue! And of course, we have product questions.

Lately, the most frequent one we've been asked is, "How durable are your blast straps?" Well, it's tough to answer that. When you tell people they'll last practically forever - they don't believe you. They ask how much weight blast straps can hold, if they'll break, etc. I thought the best way to answer this was with a video. I was perusing the web - yes, Dave pays me to internet surf. (I've been catching up on my movies all week while he's been out. Any good suggestions? I have until Friday. I hope he doesn't read this.) One of my favorite sites, besides of course, is YouTube. I came across a super cool video of this guy doing double bodyweight dips with our blast straps. I asked him if I could use his video. Of course he said yes...who wouldn't want their video on EFS?

Thank you Bruno.

Some Background Info on Blast Straps

Blast straps have been a number one seller for like ever - well at least since we started selling them. They were voted one of the best gifts for the 2005 holiday season. Five years later, they're still going strong and still a best seller. That should tell you a little something about the quality. Our Blast Straps have been featured in Men's Health, Men's Fitness and other national magazines.