With Next Level Training, the athlete now makes training his job. We use the maximal/dynamic methods. I've broken them down into what works best for us for that month, that year, and that athlete.

On the bench, a sample workout could look like this—the athlete does four sets of six reps, working up to a weight that he struggles to get six reps with. After the four sets, he performs three and ones until he fails. On some days, we throw chains on or we use bands, hanging bands, and kettlebells. We use 2-, 3-, and 4-board presses, different grips, and different bars. We're always tricking the body.

We use this method for the three core lifts. Our auxiliaries change every week, and the sets and reps change every week. We create new lifts and movements that we've never seen, but it could be out there. We always try to lift more weight than we did last week. This phase is more intense and includes harder workouts. Therefore, there's a greater chance for nervous system failure.

Each month we evaluate what we want or what is weak and plan to work on it the following month. Things change daily, weekly, and monthly. Sometimes we'll train outside for a couple weeks and not touch the bench but perform movements that will help the bench. We're always trying to set records at this level This is the weight part of Next Level Training.


Bench with a red band and hanging kettlebells

  • 1 X 15, 135 lbs
  • 1 X 8, 135 lbs and hanging kettlebell
  • 1 X 6, 135 lbs and double the kettlebell (you should have two kettlebells on each side)
  • 1 X 6, 145 lbs and same kettlebell weight
  • 1 x 6, 145 lbs and same kettlebell weight
  • 1 X 3, 155 lbs and same kettlebell weight
  • Keep going until you can’t get 1 rep


  • Straight bar row, 5 X 8–10 with 135 lbs, putting weight on as you can but always getting 8 reps; if you can do more, do more and then add weight in the next set
  • T-bar row, 4 X 12, heavy as you can handle with good form

Dumbbell incline, 4 X 8, weights increase with each set; also 1 set is at 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 75 degrees, and 90 degrees, so it's 8 reps at 30 degrees, 8 reps at 45 degrees, 8 reps at 75 degrees, and 8 reps at 90 degrees


  • Red band push-up, explosive, 4 X 20
  • Lat pull-down, 5 X 8, heavier than in the previous week


  • Pull-ups, 4 X r/o
  • Triceps dumbbell trying extensions, 5 X 8, superset with 21s, triceps push-down 7 low, 7 high, 7 full

Abs, 5 minute station of your choice


Leg day:

Regular bar, box squat below parallel; three blue chains and a red chain plus 2 truck chains = 250 lbs of chained weight

  • 1 X 135 lbs X 15 reps
  • 1 X 135 lbs X 6 plus 3 blue chains
  • 1 X 135 lbs X 6 plus red chains
  • 1 X 185 lbs X 6 plus all chains
  • 1 X 225 lbs X 6 all chains
  • 1 X 275 lbs X 3 all chains
  • 1 X 300 lbs X 3 all chains
  • 1 X 315 lbs X 1 all chains
  • If you need more sets, do them

Push press, 4 X 6 X 145 lbs

Superset with three-way shoulder, front, side, and back, 4 X 10

Glute ham falls, 4 X 8

Superset with hypers holding 2 X 45s; do 4 x 12 reps

Superset with reverse hypers, 5 X 12; we either use a heavy weight or light weight

Straight leg deadlift, 4 X 20, good stretch

Bicep curls, straight bar, 4 X 6

Superset with 4×10 hammer curls
Superset with TRX curls

This is the conclusion of the "How to Develop a High School Football Player" articles series. For more information, email me at RYAN3KSM@gmail.com and be on the lookout for more articles.