Before watching the video below, I ask you to think of something. Ask yourself what motivates you. What is different about the motivation of those who are best at what they do? What do they have that the rest of us do not?

In this video, you will see a small clip of Dave training. He doesn’t know I have this video, he didn’t know he was being filmed, and he has no idea I’m about to post it. He’s not doing it to impress the people watching, not in an attempt to increase sales, not in preparation for a meet or to get his name on the wall at the gym. He’s simply doing it to prove to himself that he can. In my opinion, that is the best kind of motivation. Only those who are the very best have this motivation. It is what the rest of us should aspire to achieve.

Blood is streaming from his nose at the end of the video. How far would you push yourself when you believe the only person who will ever know is you?