Molly and Ted's Excellent Adventure

This is the program that Ted and Molly used for their last meet.

They both had GREAT days filled with PRs. Here are their recap articles.

Both Ted and Molly used use this program for the first 12 weeks...

However, they didn't do the last two weeks of the above program, but did deload and max on a few special exercises to help determine where they were at and what weaknesses needed to be addressed.

After many training phases and cycles, I felt they were finally ready to push their training and really focus on pushing their strength up. Their technique is ready, they're healthy and the gear is dialed in.

The other cycles that I've posted were very detailed. This one isn't as detailed because they've learned how to train themselves so they don't need to be told every little thing.

Over the next few cycles I'll spend more time explaining to them why they are doing what I'm having them do, so they'll be able to become better lifters, but also so they'll become better at training and peaking others for meets. When they REALLY understand what's going on, they'll be able to question things and thus make everybody better. They will also be able to spot technical breakdowns before they happen.

This is the email I sent them for the last five weeks before the meet...

Ok - if my math is right you have five weekends left to train before the meet (someone double-check that).

This will give four training weeks and one deload.

Squat day during the week do this...

Box Squat - briefs

  • Week 1 - 44% for 8 sets 2
  • Week 2 - 48% for 8 sets 2
  • Week 3 - 52% for 6 sets 2
  • Week 4 - 54% for 6 sets 2
  • Week 5 - 40% for 5 sets 2

After this do GHR, Reverse Hypers and Abs (minimum of three sets per movement).

Bench Day During the week

Bench Press

  • Week 1 - 40% for 6-10 sets of 3 (go by how you feel)
  • Week 2 - 40% for 6-10 sets of 3 (go by how you feel)
  • Week 3 - Dumbbell Presses instead of Bench Press (3 sets 15)
  • Week 4 - 40% for 6-10 sets of 3 (go by how you feel)
  • Week 5 - 40% for 6-10 sets of 3 (go by how you feel)

After this do triceps, vertical pulls and light delts.



  • Week 1 - Close Stance Safety Bar Squat - work up to 1 rep max (briefs)
  • Week 2 - Reverse Band Squat work up to 80% for 5 (full gear)
  • Week 3 - Squat with full gear (work up to moderately hard 1 rep max)
  • Week 4 - Squat with full gear (work up to heavy single BUT leave some left in the tank)
  • Week 5 - Deload - the most would be working up to opener.

*These percents are based off what you know or think your max would be.

Finish with pulls (stick with all speed pulls with the good deadlift bar. The percent will be 45 to 50 for singles. If you have a day where it feels VERY easy, then work up to a moderately heavy single or triple.

Then do GHR, scorcher and abs.


I will leave this up to you guys to play around with. This will be a max effort day, so you will work up using triples. As you work up decide if you want to do a single or triple. This can be board press, floor, pin, reverse band, etc.

Now you also need to do shirt work. So do the ME work first and then do some shirt work for a few sets after. It can be with the same movement you were doing or to the chest.

This is different than what you've been doing and will be harder on you. If you need to back off, then do so on the speed work. Either just don't do it or lower the percents.

- Dave

While they were in the final prep for the meet, the rest of their crew was instructed to do the same training EXCEPT all of their Saturday and Sunday squat, bench and deadlift work was for two sets of five reps. They also need to add more accessories at the end of each session. It doesn't really matter what the accessory work is, just do sets of 10-15 reps and work the muscles. This phase will help them add muscle mass.

They are all now in a transition phase until after the first of the year.