Leading up to the Arnold

So, on Tuesday evening, I was pumped and jacked up about the fact that I stepped on the scale and weighed in the 230's for the first time since college. I left college in 2004, just to give you an idea of how long ago that was. I weighed in at exactly 239.5, but hell, I wouldn't care if I was 239.999999999999...it’s still in the 230's!

On Sunday, I did a ton of soft tissue work and lots of stretching.

Tuesday night, I did some very light squats and some jump rope. Kiefer advised some HIIT. I chose to do six 30-second sets with the jump rope. I know, they weren't sprints, but it was enough to get my heart pumping and expel some calories. I finished up with some more rolling and theracain work.

On Wednesday, I still had 8-pounds to go and I was very optimistic.

I left for Ohio yesterday. The meet is today, Friday, at 2PM. At 7PM, I plan to have a beer in one hand, and another beer in the other hand. The middle will be reserved for a giant bag of candy, a giant pizza, and hopefully the best meatball sub in Columbus. I sure where ever I get that sub, it will be the best I ever ate. For some reason, I've been craving a meatball sub for two weeks now. Obviously, I didn't had one, or this post would be about tales of "Woh! How I Screwed Up My Diet Prep." Fortunately, I stayed focused and I feel confident heading into the meet. I won't tell you that I didn't drank since I started my diet (January 16). But I will tell you that I didn't drink more than 6 beers since my starting date. It's obvious to everyone who reads my log, that I love beer. As my Dad always said that it's proof that God loves us. Ha!

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The funny thing about the Arnold is that this isn’t my first trip to Columbus. I competed in the WPO Bench Bash on the main expo stage in 2007. In 2007, I weighed 305 pounds about 36 hours before the meet. I cut 30 pounds to get to 275 pounds and ended up benching 828 pounds for third place overall. A lot has changed since 2007...

Will you be at the Arnold, or are you coming to the meet? Leave your feedback below.