Scott Yard

Scott Yard is a 2004 graduate of Western Maryland College. He is a twelve-year veteran to the sport of powerlifting. As an equipped lifter in 2006, Yard broke the all-time world record total for the 275-pound class at the age of 23. His 2605 total consists of a 1050 squat, 840 bench, and a 715 deadlift. Yard's 840 bench was the heaviest recorded bench to date in a full meet across all weight classes. He currently competes raw in the USAPL. In November of 2010 he fulfilled a long term goal of totaling 2000 lbs raw in the 275 weight class. His best competition raw lifts include 765 in the squat, 505 in the bench, and 755 in the deadlift. Scott trains out of Club Natural Gym in Hanover, Pennsylvania, and is the Community Living Manager for a non-profit agency that supports adults with developmental disabilities.

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